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Every girl grows up on two things….fairytale princesses, and awesome magazine!  Okay, we grow up on more than that.  But here you get the best of both!  Check out the mock covers to some of the most famous magazines, staring all of our favorite Disney Princesses.  This issue above features Snow White.  I always was jealous of her porcelain skin. What did we learn from Snow White though? Jealousy is a bad thing! It makes you do crazy things, like feed poisonous apples to poor innocent people!


Ahh…my favorite princess of all! I STILL hope to be her one day. My favorite part of this issue is the ‘Exclusive! West Wing Confessions’.  I wonder what those could be! ;) Beauty & the Beast taught us that beauty is on the inside.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.


Mulan was a different kind of Princess.  She didn’t care about the pretty dresses and the diamond crowns.  She just wanted to be accepted for who she was. Took her a while to find herself, but once she did…everyone around her was able to see who she really was and treat her like a person, rather than just a Princess.


Poor Rapunzel.  Gets locked in a tower by a witch and is forced to live there her whole life.  She did have beautiful hair though, huh?  But your beauty isn’t defined by your  hair. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your hair…a haircut is NOT the end of the world lol


I’ll admit it, I haven’t seen this movie.  I’m a bad Disney fan…I know!


I don’t remember this movie as well as I thought I did.  I remember she was kind of a sassy spitfire though. I also love that Disney had TWO red head princesses.


Tinkerbell!  She is a classic, isn’t she?  I alway loved that what she lacked in size, she made up for in personality.


Princess Aurora was so pretty.  She never threw it in your face that she was a princess either.  In fact she met the love of her life while she was in disguise as a commoner. I would just like to throw out there that Maleficent was…and still is, my favorite Villan.  Don’t know why…just have always loved her.  Okay…moving on…


Pocahontas was so in touch with the earth.  I think she would be proud to see all the “going green-ness” going on in the word today.  A funny side note: When Disney first drew up this cartoon they drew Pocahontas as an ‘a cup’.  They later went back and changed her to a ‘c-cup’.  Why?  I’m sure it was a guys decision lol


The Little Mermaid was on the top of my list. I remember pretending to be her every summer when we would go swimming in the pool.  My girlfriends and I would pop out of the water and flip our hair back and sing “Ahhhh, ah, ah, aaaahhhh!” She really had the best hair.  Maybe cause she combed it with a dinglehopper?


Jasmine was the sexiest Princess.  In fact I’m surprised how much Disney was allowed to get away with. She had some serious sex appeal for a cartoon.


And here she is…the princess every little girl wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a fairy godmother to grant us the wish of pretty dresses and amazing shoes?


I  hope you all enjoyed this. I thought it was cute and made me want to go pop in my Beauty and the Beast DVD! Have a great weekend.  See you all back here on Monday!