Offered a settlement that seems more like an insult

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As you all know-  I happen to be a huge fan of Lauren Scruggs, the model who was struck by the propeller of an airplane back in December of 2011.  Her perseverance to overcome what was such a horrible accident truly inspires me,  and now that I see she was offered a measly $200k to “settle”, I can’t tell you how annoyed I am knowing the future legal battles that lie ahead for her.



Believe me, I’m the first one to roll my eyes at the sound of some ludicrous lawsuit that everyone in the World tries to get away with nowadays-  believe me, I’m not here saying Lauren should walk away with a $50 billion paycheck-  but by all means this poor woman is entitled to more than $200k.    At this point, nobody knows what her current state is, but we can all agree that her modeling career will never get back on track for obvious reasons, so the settlement in a case like this absolutely has to take her future living costs and expenses into consideration.


The statement released by Scruggs states that she “was not a passenger in the airplane at the time of the accident” therefore the $200k Max Insurance payout claim most likely won’t get very far in court, but then again, the legal system these days never ceases to amaze me!


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