Can you please stop moving your head?

Keyword: head mover, haircut, impossible client

All stylist have at least one of these clients in their list of regulars. Whether you are a makeup artist, or a hairdresser it’s annoying as hell!  I have no issues with clients yapping away about their lives, but if you’re an animated talker then we have a problem.  How many times ‘can you keep your head still’ comes out of my mouth is countless!

How am I supposed to do my job with a head that bounces around like a bobble head? So what do I do in this situation?  Nothing!!  I ask them to stop moving.  I try to position their head to where I want it.  I tell them I can’t cut their hair with them moving their head around…but it doesn’t stop. So I finish my job and pray I gave them a decent haircut.  Then I have anxiety the next time they come in because I know what I am about to deal with. :)