Has anyone tried this?


Keyword: nail art, DIY, salon express

I was up late last night watching 90′s Nick shows because I’m obsessed and it makes me feel like I’m 12 years old again.  A commercial came on that caught my interest.  Salon Express is apparently a DIY nail art kit.  It comes with stenciles, a stamper, and a cleaner. According to the commercial you take the polish color you want and paint it over the stencil, then transfer it to the stamper, then stamp it onto your nail. It all sounds and looks easy enough, but of course I am curious to know how well it actually does work!  Please feel free to leave us comments with your reviews on this product if you have tried it. I think it definitely has potential to be a pretty cool tool, but sometimes these products are so poorly made. I am intrigued, nonetheless.


I would also like to add that when looking for a photo to add to this article, I typed in “Salon Express” into google images and almost every photo that came up were boats.  Apparently this is a very popular name for boats and yachts.  Just had to share ;)