I got a new car!

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So it takes a lot out of you to purchase a new car.  A lot of running around to do between the dealer, the insurance…etc.  But I welcomed my new beauty into my life yesterday late afternoon.  It’s pretty much the same care I had, only newer.  I leased my first Mazda three years ago and since my lease was up in August, I decided I wanted to lease another one…so I did!

This might not have ANYTHING to do with makeup, or hair, or nails, but if there is anyone out there looking for a car I highly recommend Mazda 112 in Medford, NY.  Kevin Hall was the most amazing car dealer I have ever dealt with.  He was extremely accommodating, bent over backwards to get me into this car. Very easy to talk to, and didn’t come off like a slime ball at all.  I cannot say a single bad thing about him or the dealership.  I wish I had gone there three years ago when I got my first Mazda.  That experience was a nightmare (do NOT go to Mazda in Smithtown!!)

My favorite part of the whole experience was when I was driving off the lot and Kevin, the dealer, chased me down saying “Wait, I forgot the most important part!” I was nervous at first…but when he opened up my back door and threw change in I almost wanted to get out and give him a hug!

So go see Kevin Hall and get yourself an awesome Mazda 3, like me ;)