Famous for many reasons, but I can’t say I’m sold as a fan yet

Keywords: amber rose, face tattoos, kanye west, wiz khalifa


This article all started with my Fiance showing me a video of Amber Rose picking up a car from some custom car shop this weekend(she picked up what he calls his dream ‘classic’ car, the old school Lincoln recently made famous by Entourage)-  I hate cars so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but what I did notice is Amber Rose… And oh my god did I notice Amber rose-   I grabbed my phone, went to my article ideas notepad and jotted her name down.


Well here we are!   It’s time to weigh in:   You all know I’m easy going and have no interest in making enemies so my opinions tend to be pretty open.     The long and short of it is this;  I honestly don’t know which direction I’m leaning with Amber.   Do I love her? do I hate her?  Do I want to give her a makeover?  Do I want her to give ME a makeover?  I’m so confused. I just don’t know.


And what makes it even harder is a simple Google Image search-  I do like 300 Image searches a day writing up these articles and let me tell you, nobody has a more mixed variety in their search results than Amber.



Some pictures I think she nails the look perfectly, and I respect the heck out of her for rocking the buzz cut as lovely as she does



And then there are some pictures where she is hands down one of the worst things to ever pop up on my screen.


For every good picture you find of her, there is one equally as bad.  I can’t say I’ve ever met her or even watched any videos of her interacting in public, so I can’t jump to conclusions-    Let’s just say from here on out, whenever Ambers name pops up in the news, I’ll be keeping an eye on her!     Oooh wait… so Amber wins I guess huh? haha I got nothing out of the deal, and she got another couple searches a month to add to her popularity… damn celebrities always get the better end of the deal.



Okay Amber, it’s on.   Best of luck to you and Wiz, my fiance wants your car really bad, and I’ll be checking in on you randomly to see which direction you’ll sway my vote.