Beautiful new red helmet to fight the signs of aging while you sleep

Keywords:rugby, signs of aging, crazy


DailyMail brought a few good laughs to my face this morning when I read about this new red headgear/facemask thing that they found out of Japan called the PinUp! mask.   It looks like something little kids wear when they do karate and stuff- how is this supposed to prevent the signs of aging!?


The site claims directs the user to bind the accessory tight around their head before relaxing for a good nights sleep, and the mask will do its part to reduce sagging and firm up your complexion.  Hmmmmm I’m not buying it Japan, sorry.  Its one of those products that they’ll probably make millions on anyway, but I don’t think there is any way it could bring any improvement to your skin.



It reminds me of one of these! haha Of course I wasn’t alive when these things came out, but I’ve seen them on tv a bunch of times-  clearly no way it could ever work your butt out, but apparently women were all over it back then!