Best wishes to good friends!

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As you may know, my fiance and I made a very long trip to South Carolina this weekend.  After 13 hours on the road we finally made it to see our friends Megan and Joey celebrate their marriage to each other. It was a small, intimate wedding which perfectly complimented the bride and groom.

Megan had to be one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen.  Her hair was beautifully curled in perfect soft ringlets and her makeup only made her even more gorgeous. Her lace dress fit her like a glove. I think you could almost hear everyone gasp as to her beauty when she first appeared. Watching them share their first dance together was so heart warming.  It was like they zoned everyone out around them and were so focused on each other.  Truly a beautiful moment.

Here is my fiance and I with the happy couple!  We wish them all the happiness in the world. Cheers to a wonderful marriage!!

  • megan

    Thank you so much WeStyleNy and jill for such kind words and for coming and taking the time for this blog! We love you.

    May 02 2012