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What? This isn’t weFASHIONny.com?   Oops!! Oh well…I just HAD to share these with you!  Me neighbor saw them at a craft fair and shared it with me and my mom.  The next day I began making my own!

This is a placemat! Follow these instructions and you can make it into a bag just like I did!

Start by sewing three sides down. You can sew them as close to the center or as far to the edge as you want, just make sure they are even with  each other.

Then fold it up towards the side you have not sewn down. Sew the sides together.

Add a snap to hold it closed.

Decorate as you wish.  You can use flowers, beads, glitter, feathers….you name it!

On these I used necklaces, and used them to make straps.  But you can go strapless if you wish!  They are super cute, and easy.  You can have one for every outfit! Best part is that no one else will have it!  I am working on a Fourth Of July one right now!