A solution to balding hair!

Keyword: bald, hair growth, magic hair, caboki

I cannot tell you what they are saying, but they seem to be laughing a lot!  What are they doing?  They are using Caboki!


What’s Caboki? It’s a product for men or women with hair loss.  It is made of natural fibers that stick to the hairs that remain on the head, making them thicker and cover more space.  It is wind, rain, sweat proof too! You can see from the video how easy it is to use.


According to their website, it is totally natural looking and no one will be able to tell you are using it!  The best part is, they have it available in several colors-


Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown


Dark Grey


You can either spend $40 for a 50-75 day bottle, or $20 for a 25 day bottle. Check it out here.


Though the video I posted here is funny, it actually seems like it is an excellent product and I’m very interested to see if any of my readers have used it, or know someone who has!