Not only helps with weight loss

Keyword: fasting diet, weight loss, healthy hair

Did you spend all of the cooler months vegging out on crap and now that it is summer you are regretting it all?  Did your skin loose its glow and your hair loose it’s shine?  Why not try a fast to kick all the crap out of your system and get your body feeling healthy again?


Fasts are not just good for cleaning out your insides.  They can also help refresh your skin and your hair! Here are a few ones to try-


-water only fast.  This one is too difficult for me to ever do as I am always hungry and living on just water would be very frustrating, but if you can handle it., go for it!  I suggest you only do this one for 3-4 days

-raw fruits and veggies. This one I do every once in a while and I really do notice that my skin looks fantastic afterwards…not to mention the fact that my body feels great.  Usually I go to the store and stock up on all sorts of fruits and vegetables and I eat them continuously throughout the day. I drink only water along side of this…sometimes adding some lemon to my water for flavor. I am able to do this fast for about 5 days, you can do it up to 7 though. I usually do it during the week day and then allow myself to eat food again on the weekends!

-The lemonade diet.  Sounds yummy…but it’s not! This lemonade includes fresh squeezed lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  You want to drink about 12 of these a day! Along side of this, take a laxative morning and evening. Gradually resume eating normally once the cleanse is finished so that your gastrointestinal system gets used to digesting solid foods again. This one is really known for helping with weight loss!


There are so many other fasting techniques out there, you just have to find the one that works for you but I am telling you, if you do it right your body will feel great and your hair and skin will thank you!!