A look back on the ladies of Wisteria Lane

Keyword: desperate housewives, series finale, wisteria lane, eva longoria

The ladies of Wisteria Lane spent 8 years with us and this Sunday we all said “goodbye”. Since the show was such a big part of my TV schedule, I thought I would honor them by showing off how each of them has changed through the years. Not only have we watched them change husbands, have kids, switch jobs…etc, but we have also gotten to see their looks change with every season.  Take a look how each one of these beautiful ladies has gracefully aged right in front of the camera!


Bree Van De Camp (Marcia Cross) started off the series looking like a perfectionist right out of better homes and garden.  She mimicked a 1950′s conservative house wife with her simplistic makeup and her flipped out hair. You never saw one piece of hair out of place!



As time went on, she began to dabble into much more modern do’s.  You saw lots of sleek updos during this time. But her makeup became a bit more drastic!



By the end of the series Bree was a hot momma!  Seriously! Her wavy locks and her smoldering eyes. It was like she grew up and realized we were in the new millenium! I think she and Gabby were the two who went through the most changes over the coarse of these years.



Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) was the queen of pulled back hair for a while…She was a working mother. Who had time to make their hair look good?! I have to say though, I always was a little jealous at how show could make ‘running around the house, cleaning all day hair’ look good!



A few seasons in we learned about Lynette’s battle with cancer.  She wore wigs a lot but after revealing it to her friends we did see her rockin’ the handkerchiefs much more. Only a few times did we get to see her with a bare head, but when you did it was a sad reminder of what it must feel like to go through chemo!



When she went back to work she kept her do short.  Smart for a woman who is raising 5 kids and trying to hold a full time job!  She always looked professional!



After her almost divorce, Lynette found her sexy side again! Who would have thought that a mom of 5, going through a divorce could look this good?!




Susan Delfino (Teri Hatcher) showed the least changed through the run of the series. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. The fact that I am having trouble differentiating which photos are from when…well, I think that says a lot for Teri Hatcher considering she didn’t age one bit!



Susan was sort of the simple girl on the block.  A little scatter brained, but when it came to hair and makeup (and clothing) she would rather spend time with her family or put the money elsewhere…so she kept things simple.  Always had her hair down and always showed off those big, beautiful, doe eyes!



She was a beautiful woman who kept herself in great shape through the years. She always looked great, even through the mourning of her husband!


Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) was probably my favorite character on the show.  She was young, beautiful, rich…how could you not want to be like her? Such a natural beauty, she was!



We got to watch her grow up before our very own eyes, and slowly she started experimenting more with her hair and her makeup. She no longer looked like that nieve little girl she did when the series began.  She was now becoming a sex symbol and the hot model we all dreamed of looking like!



It was a shock to all when we saw how drasticly her looks went out down the toilet when her husband went blind and she had two kids.  She got the typical “mom cut” and we no longer saw her in makeup, or anything flattering for that matter! But after a few years, Carlos gained back his sight and that meant Gabby had to work over time to get her looks back….



Boy, did she ever!  Two kids, a husband, and a ful time job and she looks like this? One can only dream!  It truly is amazing to see how she has matured though!  What a beauty!


These ladies will be missed by many woman. We have truly enjoyed watching them grow these last 8 years!  I wish each actress the best of luck in all their future endeavors!