What would you do?

Keyword: haircut, bad hair

Can you imagine leaving the salon like this?  I would NEVER let any one leave my job looking like this.  I can’t say that I have ever ever seen anything so terrible before…and I’ve seen a lot of botched hair cuts. This takes the cake for sure!! If a client walked in and specifically asked for this, I’m not even sure I would know how to  go about getting it to look this way haha. My cat could have given this girl a better haircut.

You know when clients come in and say “I just want like 3 or 4 layers”…as if they are count-able. Well, you should have this picture handy and say “You mean like this?!”

I apologize to the girl in this photo.  No one should be forced to go out into public with such an awful hair cut.  I sure hope she was able to get it fixed!