Another liar in the celebrity world!

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I’m surprised plastis surgery is still as popular as it is today.  With all the hot messes out there these days you think it would scare people off.  Last week I wrote about JWoww having work done and not fessing up, today I write about Paris Hilton.


It’s funny because just this weekend my fiance and I were flipping through the channels and stopped on Keeping Up With The Kardasians for a few moments.  I laughed and said that they took the place of Paris & Nicole Hilton… famous for being rich. I then asked what the hell happened to Paris, anyway.  You never hear about her anymore…until now!


I mean it is clear she had work done.  No ones lips look like that in real life. Celebes who won’t admit to obvious work being done, who do they think they are fooling?!  Just admit it and people will back off!  To be quite honest If I was shown the photo on the right without the one on the left, I would have no idea who it was! She looks old and worn!


Aside from the recent lip augmentation, she has also been outed on her nose job!  Not sure why someone would go from that cute little nose on the left, to the long pointy one on the right, but this isn’t about why she did it.  This is about proving she did and wondering why she won’t admit it!!


I also can’t post this photo without mentioning how awful her makeup is on the 2001 photo!  Reminds me of when my sister and I were little and we used to play dress up and play with mommy’s makeup!