Props to a great nail blog!


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This is the nail blog, to end all nail blogs.  You want to see crazy, awesome, silly designs on a regular basis?  Then this is your stop!  The woman running The Daily Nail first began by attempting to post new nail designs on a daily basis for 365 days straight.  She accomplished her goal back in 2010, but continues to run her site pretty regularly. She is a true artist if you ask me. Each of her designs are hand painted by herself. She gets inspired by all that is around her…flowers, pocketbook designs, movies…ect.  The first picture posted here is her Halloween zombie nails!  Ummm…how could I not love this girl after seeing that?  She’s also got a great personality which makes for reading the blog much more interesting.  Check her out, and become a follower!  I’ve already liked her FB page ;)