Maximize your space


Keyword: organize, tools

Are you tired of your bathroom counter-top looking like this? Do you run out of room to store your blow dryer, curling iron, nail polish, and make-up? I think it’s time to get yourself organized!  These are a few organizers that I feel are unique, cute, fun, and helpful.


If you do a lot of nail painting and like to have your polish easily accessible, why not try this turn table from PB Teen? For only $39 you can keep your polish off the counter top.


Also from PB Teen is this adorable hair organizer that you can even have personalized with your name on it. Store your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and all your hair products here and it will create  neat, but functioning decor to either your bathroom or bed room. You can even store all your clips and hair ties in the drawer at the bottom. Find this and many other cute organizers at

For a more modern way to store your items, you can try this Capelli Hair Dryer Holder and Vanity organizer from It is made with durable plastic that allows your to put your items away while they are still warm. Look how neat it keeps everything!


And then of course you can never fail by picking up matching sets for your tooth brush, cotton balls, q-tips, make-up brushes, soap…ect. These will not only help you keep organized but it will add nice color and decor to any bathroom. They can be plastic or glass…I guess it depends on how clumsy you are. Pick these up almost anywhere!


I hope now you all can have neat and organized bathrooms with easily accesible hair and make-up tools! I’m telling you, if you de-clutter your bathroom…life will be so much simpler :)