A stylists Thanksgiving


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Its the day before Thanksgiving and between clients and trying to get the house in order for company tomorrow I am constantly reminded of what I am thankful for. So here is a list, in no particular order:


1- Bobby Pins. They are the cure to any bad hair day for me.


2-  All of my loyal clients.  I couldn’t live without them… literally (how would I buy food with no money?!) Seriously though, I am lucky to have such loyal clients who respect my passion for both hair and make-up. Every day these people but their trust in my hands and that means so much to me.


3-Kenra hair products!!  Probably some of the best products out in the market right now.  I would die without their silkening mist spray!


4-My very own hairdresser, Dusti. Without her my hair would be boring. I am also grateful to have her help for large bridal parties as well as grateful for her friendship!


5- My family, of course! Everyone is happy and healthy and without them who would I get to have daily arguments with to release frustration? hehe


6- My blow dryer.  It would be an awful thing to have to air dry my hair every time I wash it! Can you imagine!?


7-Lip gloss!  Honestly any kind…as long as my lips are shiny!  I do love Victoria’s Secrets brand though.  They taste pretty yummy :)


8-My WeStyle fans! Duh!  I would have no reason to turn my computer on if it weren’t for all of you.

9- My beautiful kitties. At almost 19, Sandy is still a happy little cat and at 15 Fozzie is the biggest sweetheart and still going strong after her diagnosis with kidney failure almost 4 years ago.  Unfortunately we lost my baby Kit-Kat at only 6 months old about two weeks ago, but I am thankful to have him watching over my other babies up in kitty heaven.


10- And of course….my Fiance! He is such a wonderful man and I am thankful every day that I have him in my life. I don’t know where I would be today without him.


So those are my top ten right there ;)  What are some things you are thankful for? We would love to hear it!