Why would they change them?

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Remember this beautiful pink and red box of the best bobby pins out there?! (If you’re a hair dresser, you do!)  Well you won’t be finding this packaging anymore as the brand changed it.  They claim they only changed the packaging, bit they are totally lying!


I worked a wedding two weeks ago and still had a box of these left.  My girlfriend working with me had run out and bought a new box and it was the newer packaging.  She proceeded to tell me about how not only did the box change, but the bobby pins themselves did too!

Why is this a big deal? Well because now they suck!  Plain and simple!  Now the pins are too thick and you can’t open them as easily.  Plus the little nob on the end falls off super easy.  We all know how useless a pin is without that piece! WHy did they mess with a good thing?  It’s very frustrating for us hair dressers to have things constantly changing on us like this. There was nothing wrong with the old pins.  Yet if you ask the company they claim they only changed the packaging.  I don’t think so!!!

  • christina

    I totally agree! The new ones are not worth
    a dollar!

    May 21 2013
    • Alisha

      They have changed! They are horrible! They bend over on themselves and it takes so much longer to pin up an entire style. Looks like we will have to find a new brand. There is one in tin boxes that are nice but not sure what they are called.

      August 14 2012