This is a must watch video!

Keyword: beyonce, single ladies, stylist song

Yeah…..I”m not sure how to take this.  Is he trying to be funny?  If so, then he nailed it! But if he is serious then I am inclined to laugh at him.  I enjoyed going to school, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to write a whole song about it!


The song is terrible too.  It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s so damn wordy!  I actually feel bad making fun but I watched this whole video with my jaw in my chest.  My fiance stopped what he was doing to listen and laugh along with me.  I guess some people just have a little too much time on their hands! haha

  • rose halady

    very adorable! enthusiasm and joy score very high in any world, and as a stylist, well–a stylist is like a shrink, only quick. This young man is going to make people feel good, and hopefully stay sincere, and make lots of money!

    June 06 2012