Who thinks of this stuff?

Keyword: Urban Decay, lickable, powder

I can see the use for tasty lip gloss, and can even understand the fascination with lickable body oil (especially if you can get your bf to give you a yummy massage). Lickable, glitter, body powder however, I just don’t get it!  Urban Decay offers this product in two colors/flavors: Honey, and Marshmallow.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to try both of them, but if the marshmallow tasted anything like the honey flavored one…count me out!  First of all, why do we need powder that tastes good?  Are you expecting people to be greeting your with licks?! The shimmer part of it, I get!  I myself use a glittery, shimmer powder on my legs to make them look freshly shaven and shiny. But I certainly wouldn’t want people to be licking me all day.  It’s weird.  If you ARE into this though, check out Urban Decay ‘Sparkling Lickable Body Powder’. You can get them there for $20 each. They come in a really cute case; very vintage-like.  Be careful when you open them though.  The powder tends to go everywhere.  The shimmer they give is really very pretty. Though, I may not like the taste, or the idea of the taste, the powder itself is worth it.  Especially for the amount you get!