This look is all wrong for her

Keyword: Kelly Osbourne, gray hair

I think we can all agree that Kelly Osbourne has come a long way as far as style is concerned.  Over the years she has been up and down with her weight, and has managed to maintain a very healthy looking figure as of now. She’s experimented with her hair numerous times and usually it’s fun and eccentric. This look however, not so much.  Between the cut/style and the gray coloring, it’s aging her. At 27, who tries to make themselves look like a granny?  Gray can be very trendy, but it has to be done right.  Maybe go with a streak of it in stead. When I saw her on ‘Fashion Police’, I just knew I had to write about it.  She’s a pretty girl, and usually  she makes the right choice when it comes to her hair, but this was a ‘no-no’!

On another note, can we talk about how she is looking more like her mother every day?


Look at them here!  Stunning!  This was a good look for her. Go back to the blonde Kelly! It was much more flattering on you ;)

  • Maybe I’m just weird… But I LOVE the hairstyle!!! I would rock it!

    December 20 2011