No ‘mother of the year’ awards here!

Keyword: cosmetic surgery, 7 year old, barbie

When watching this I actually got heated and quite upset over what this mother is feeding into her daughters head. Sarah Burge, also known as ‘Human Barbie’ has had so many plastic surgeries I can’t even count. But now she thinks it’s okay to give vouchers to her 7 year old daughter to recieve her very own cosmetic surgeries??!  She has been given vouchers for both breast implants and liposuction that she is able to use at the age of 18 if she chooses to. Does anyone else find this appalling?  First of all, the mother looks nothing like any of the Barbie dolls I played with as a kid!  What kind of message are you sending your child by doing this? She’s a beautiful little girl…Let her BE a beautiful little girl! Don’t give her the thought processes that she is going to be ugly and need work done when she is older! It’s just absolutely awful!


I would love to know your thoughts on this!!