Are we THAT lazy?


Keyword: L’Oreal, one sweep, eyeshadow

As a make-up artist I find this to be a little silly. I know there are women out there who are clueless when it comes to make-up, but is this really the solution? Are we THAT lazy that we can’t take the time to learn how to sweep three shades of shadow across our lids separately? I picked up this product recently when shopping for a make-up event I was hosting for my dedicated clients. When I saw it, I just had to try it. In my mind I was thinking “this will never work!”  Sure enough, I got it home and handed it to my sister who is not quite as handy when it comes to make-up as myself…that’s being kind (love you!)  Was the product terrible?….ehhh I can’t say “terrible”, but it’s far from worth it! Not everyone’s eye shape and lid are the same so how do you expect this to be universal? The bottom, darkest shade should cover most of the lid and this looks more like liner. The highlight should be just under the brow…on my sister it landed more in the crease! The shadow alone is fine. If you used an eye shadow brush to apply each layer yourself, the pigments are pretty decent, but the gimmick just doesn’t work. Sorry L’Oreal…nice try!