Here’s another favorite of mine


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One of my clients is a Mary Kay consultant and on a regular basis lets me sample products. It’s a great thing for me because I get to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I like it for myself, and sometimes I find a product that will work great on my bridal/make-up clients.  So, the last time she came for a haircut she had me try Mary Kay’s Satin Lips.  You start with the lip mask.  You take a small drop of it and with your finger, run in across your lips. The product is a gentle exfolient that becomes dry and you can actually  feel it taking all the dead skin right off your lips.  WHen done, you want to wash the product and residue off your lips.  Then use the lip balm for moisture.  Your lips will feel like satin!  They say to use the exfolient no more than 2-3- times a week. The balm can be used as often as you want.  In fact, I suggest replacing that chapstick of yours with the lip balm! I called her two days ago to let her know I wanted my very own Satin Lips and she dropped the product off to me the next day.  I was so excited. I used it right away, and even had my mom try it! A+ in both our books!  Visit my friends site here to get this and other great products!

  • Brittany

    I just had to run out and try this! It is seriously fantastic! A great recommendation!

    December 02 2011