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Now, I am in no way a Football fan, but it IS football season so it’s only fair we talk about it no?  To be quite honest, I have no idea how many games have been played nor do I know how well or awful our NY teams are doing. Superbowl is February 5th…and I only know this because I googled it! I do, however have plenty of girlfriends who are very much into football. So, this is for them! I had to post these on weStyle! Tell me this isn’t the perfect way to root for your home team? I can imagine if a salon sold these around the Super Bowl or playoffs they would probably profit really well.

They even have them for all you baseball fans!  As a hockey chick, I will say that I was disapointed that they do not have any specific ones for the Rangers or Islanders. If they do not have your team logo, they will at least have your team colors! I know I’ll be sporting my red & blue for the Rangers come hockey season!


Visit our friends at www.sportshairstyles.com to check out all the fun clip-ins they have.  So the next time you get invited to a sporting event, instead of painting your face…try these! They are much more fun. And lets not forget to mention that any guy would certainly be impressed…as long as it’s his team you are representing!