Do not try this at home!

Keyword: drunk makeup, makeup tutorial, funny makeup


A while back I posted a video from this same girl ‘How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Hot’, now I am here to show you her drunk make-up tutorial.  weSTYLEny does NOT condone the language or content in this video.  We are posting it for pure entertainment.



To be quite  honest, I don’t even think she is really drunk.  She runs a regular youtube channel and she has a great sense of humor!  Please do not try to apply makeup while intoxicated! There are only 2 or 3 other “drunk makeup tutorial” videos I found on youtube but none quite like this one.  The other ones are just annoying and obnoxious.

I do like her eye shadow technique- pick the darkest color, then wipe it off with your fingers!!  Haha…perfect!!


When you are done watching this one, check out some of her other videos.