Sadly I’ll be on a cruise..but maybe YOU can win!

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You can either be one of the 1500 people to win a free mascara, orrrrrrr win two tickets to be a guest at The 45th Grammy Awards! How much fun would that be?

CoverGirl is so wonderful, aren’t they? If you click here, you can enter to win their Lashblast 24 hour mascara. 1500 lucky people will win thise amazing mascara.  If that isn’t enough, you can also win Grammy tickets by telling them your greatest accomplishment of 2011. Hmmm…I wonder what mine would be? Maaaaaybe it would be getting engaged after an 8 year relationship?  That’s a pretty good accomplishment, no? Or maybe when I started working for this blog? Well, it doesn’t matter because I will be DVRing the Grammy’s and watching in when I get home. But maybe YOU will win!



Good luck to all who enter!! If you win, make sure you let everyone know you found out about it here ;)