It almost looks painful!

Keyword: eye lashes, longest lashes

I can’t really seem to find any information on this girl. All I can say is that she is plastered all over the internet for having the longest eye lashes in the world.  Whether or not it is real or not, I have no idea…but it is pretty interesting. I wonder how many tubes of mascara she goes through ;)

If you are trying to become famous out if this, I get it. But isn’t it annoying?  How do you see?? Do you have to comb them? What about cleaning? Do you shampoo them in the shower? Do they get greasy like a head of hair does? When you have a fancy event to go to, do you curl them, or put them in an “updo”? I have so many questions, and no one to answer them!! Click ‘more’ to see the rest of the pictures.

If any one has any more information on this girl, please send it to us!