Willow Smith ditched her locks for a summer friendly buzz cut

Keywords: willow smith, short hair, celebrity hairstyles


Willow Smith burst onto the Hollywood scene with her annoying-but-catchy “I whip My Hair Back And Forth” song and video.  Before that Willow was just Will Smiths daughter,  and now she is something of a style/fashion staple in the child stars market.  She most certainly has a more unique style and personality than her parents Will and Jada Pinkett, but I can’t say I’m 100% sold on all that she does.



I respect Willow for thinking outside the box- without people like her in this world the art of hair and fashion become too mundane and bland.  While not everyone will agree with every single look you walk out of the house with, there will always be a market of people who respect your individuality, and that’s the category I fall under.



Growing up, I had colored hair, I had short hair, I had long hair, I had big hair, I had pretty much any look possible (I guess that was some pretty obvious foreshadowing of what career I would get into when I got older huh?).   I loved being different and having the freedom to try new things every couple of months, and I think Willow Smith is going through that same phase.     Like I said, I’m not the biggest fan of her recent looks, but I can respect her self expression.



Ooh, and since this song is now stuck in my head again and my day is ruined, I’ll felt obligated to ruin yours as well.  I’m going to be cutting hair all day singing this stupid song! aaaah!