If only we had a date picked out…

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On thing I can say I have learned from my years working for Brides on their wedding day is that I will be having my stylist and make-up artist coming to me! It’s not neccessary to put yourself through the stress of traveling all over to get your hair and make-up done.  Also, the setting at home or hotel…or wherever you decide to get ready…is much more relaxed and intimate.


I want to enjoy getting ready with my girls. I want to sip on a glass of champagne and listen to music. I don’t want random women sitting next to me getting their weekly roller set! Most of the time stylists won’t charge extra if the travel isn’t too far. I, myself only charge for travel if its more than a 30 minute ride.


If your regular stylist isn’t willing to work outside her salon, there is no harm in finding someone who will.  In fact, there are stylists out there who specifically only do weddings, and therefore are usually more experienced with wedding work than a stylists who works in a salon as a cutter/colorist..etc. Wedding work doesn’t only entail making sure your hair or make-up looks good.  Its much more than that.  It’s organizing a whole day of work between the bridesmaid and the bride, its keeping the bride calm as she sits in the chair with cold feet. I can’t imagine your regular hair dresser getting upset with you if go with someone else for your big day.