Artwork at it’s best

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Back in September, I posted about a new trend just starting out called “Hair Chalking.”  Well, now it has totally taken off and we are seeing it EVERYWHERE!  It started out as a fun way to temporarily color your kids hair for fun.  Or a way your teenager can have that pink hair she’s been begging you for.  It was fun, it was cute…now its hot and it’s sexy and it’s here for stay (at least for a little while!)



In my last article about it I mentioned you could use regular sidewalk chalk.  Well, this is true…you can! But if you want more vibrate colors (and more variety) you should use artist chalk. You know…..that chalky stuff you used in art class when they were teaching you about shading!  You can find it in any arts and craft store.  The rules are the same- wet the chalk, apply it to hair, spray with hair spray for extra hold.  Some will say that if you go over the area with a flat iron after chalking it, it will lock it in better.


You can really create a ton of awesome looks with this!  Check these out-

Poor puppy.  Please refrain from chalking your dog…while its super cute, it’s so mean haha.  As you can see from the photos, it works on both light and dark hair just as well. And you can blend the colors together really nicely.  It has truly become artwork.


We would love to see your chalking masterpieces! Send them to me  Maybe you’ll see yours posted on the site!