Chap Stick should be your #1 friend

Keywords: chap stick, chapped lips, burts bees

I had the conversation recently with a friend about chapped lips-  they’re bad in every way possible-  but he had just gotten home from a trip where the weather was much colder than our 60-degrees-on-February 1st weather that we’re experience here in NY.   Long story short, his lips were completely caught off guard, and he went from soft healthy lips, to cracked and flaking in less than 24 hours!      When he’s home and it gets cold, he keeps chap stick on him at all times, but he attributes this tragedy to the fact that he just wasn’t prepared for it.     The good news is,  he picked up a stick of Burt’s Bees at the local pharmacy and kept laying it on every second he got, and his self proclaimed ‘soft and luscious, but still manly as hell’ lips are back to where they belong: moisturized, plump, and flake free!

Did you think I would post a picture as awful as those herpe/chapped/crusty food lips or whatever the heck is going on in that 2nd picture and not comment on it?   Obviously it isn’t the ideal choice of pictures for this article-  but how could I NOT?      I know I know, it’s gross… to make up for it, I gave all my viewers a beautiful set of lips to feast your eyes on-  whether you go for guys or girls, nobody can deny these 2 sets of lips are legendary