And I don’t mean nails with chicks on them!

Keyword: duck nails, fake nails, wide nails

Are these the nails of our future?  If so, I want no part in it!  ’Duck nails’ seem to be making a name for themselves with the younger crowd. Personally, I don’t see the draw to them. Is it just so you have more room for decorating?


It’s like her nail polish threw up all over her fingers.  Here is a good question…when wearing nails like this, how do you get a ring on your finger? It’s impossible, right? I seriously hope this is one of those short lived trends we can all laugh about in a month or two. I just dont see how these are practical in any way. Am I starting to sound old? haha

  • a zurita

    I got these nails on now and my ring come on and off finevand my one ring is pretty thight on my finger but to put rings on your thumb thats a differnt story but anyway i love the new look its time to change dont always live in the moment stick out its ok i promise

    July 01 2013