Show us your ink!

Keyword: tattoo, scissors, shears, haircut, ink

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and people are coming up with many more ways to stand out from the crowd with unique ideas and placement.  These next photos show the best, and the worst of tattoos for stylists of all kinds!


This one is awful.  A skull between her cleavage?! Not to mention the fact that it looks like she tried to cram as much stuff onto her chest as possible!  How embarrassing!


This one I really like, I just wish the artist did a cleaner, steadier job on it.  But the concept is cool.


I’m not sure I would ever want a pink, leopard blow dryer tattooed on me. Especially if it’s a terrible drawing of it like this one..


This one is my favorite. The artist did a great job and I love the blood splatters. The font of the writing is great too! This was a well thought out tattoo…bravo!