Grab the eggnog, and the polish!


Keyword: nail art, holiday, polish



Tis the season to go nail crazy!  So here are a few fun ideas to try if you are looking to give your nails that holiday kick.  You can go candy-cane style like the photo above. You start with a french manicure then use either a solid red, or some red glitter and make your stripes.  You have to have a steady hand though. And I love the cute snowflake decal they used here.



If you are looking for something a bit less temping to force you into the candy drawer, try a simple gold glitter….or silver if that’s your preference.


Now, this is the most festive set of nails I’ve ever seen. If you can decorate your house with pretty lights, why not your nails too? The alternating green and red tips are way fun, but if it’s too much for you try a simple french, or just a clear polish with the fun light strings!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! You can never go wrong with snowflakes! Speaking of…snow…will NY be having a ‘White Christmas’ this year?