Figured I’d close out the week with a little Halle Berry action

Keywords: halle berry, curly hair style, celebrity styles



Halle Berry was photographed sporting her new curly haircut while picking her daughter Nahla up from school.   Halle is a woman of many faces, and as best I can remember, she pretty much pulls off every style she has tried.


These pictures just scream “happy mom” to me.  Usually moms are all stressed out trying to juggle a pocketbook and strap their kids into car seats-  but Halle is just doing her thing here, loving life, waving her curly hair all over the place.   I know these aren’t the best pictures,  give it like 48 hours and I’m sure there will be a million shots circulating the web by the time we get back to our desks on Monday.


Have a great weekend everyone!   I’ll be back first thing Monday morning to help kick off your work week!