Learning the basics to nail care

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For the last 15 years of my life I have been getting my nails done with tips and silk wraps.  I never imagined my hands without them.  However, I recently had no time to get a fill-in and soon all my nails popped off.  I decided to give my nails a break for a while and keep them more natural.  I also figured this was a good way to save some money since we have begun house hunting, and paying off a wedding!


I wrote an article a few weeks ago about having bumps on my nails after polishing them.  Turns out that I literally have to let every coat of polish completely dry before doing the next.  It takes me ALL DAY to paint my nails this way, but it works! Naturally after all the time it take me to paint them, I hate to see them chip after a day or two. Here are some ways to help keep the polish on your nails!

- Clean nails are key!  After filing, make sure to wash with warm soapy water. This will get rid of some of the natural oils on your nails.  It also helps if you use a polish remover right before painting!

- Use a base coat. It will help the color adhere to the nail better.

-Paint in thin layers and wait for each layer to dry before the next.  Like mentioned earlier, this does take a while, but it does work!

- Top coats are key!  They will help keep polish in place.  Make sure to get as close to the edges as possible.  That is where chipping begins!! You can apply a top coat about every other day.

Follow these tips and your polish will last almost double what it normally does!  Also, I have learned that if you do notice chipping, simply file the nail where the polish chipped to smooth it out, then repaint them with the matching color, add your top coat and you’re done.  No need to take it all off and start over again!