Tabatha Coffey’s new series


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Tabatha Coffey will be back on your tv screen on January 10th in her newly titled show ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ on Bravo. Why the new name?  Well, she has decided to expand her expertise! In the new season she will not only help out salons but a beauty school, yogurt shop, dance club, doggie daycare…to name a few.  While she started her career in the hair industry, Tabatha is one smart woman.  She really knows her stuff.  So I am excited to see what kind of help she can offer these other businesses. She’s really great at dishing out some tough love and sometimes that’s all it takes to get these business owners back in shape. Even my fiance has been known to get suckered in to her show. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run.  She offers great tips for entrepreneurs of all kinds.  So tune in to Bravo on January 10th at 10pm to check out the new show.

  • Jessica

    I looooove Tabitha!! her first show was awesome. cant wait to see her new one! the doggy day car one should be funny lol

    December 08 2011
    • Brittany

      Tabatha is amazing! Can’t wait to watch this new series!!! Plus, I totally want her style!

      December 06 2011