Fergie’s new nail polish line

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First off I want to start by apologizing for not posting yesterday.  I got a lot of bad news yesterday and posting to the blog was the last thing on my mind.  So I am sorry to all who signed on to read some new articles!  I guess you just have one of those days sometimes, huh?  Moving on…

Fergie has linked up with Wet n Wild to create some fabulous nail polishes. What can you expect from this? Everything from hot pink, lime green, to metallics and bright reds.  She covered it all!

Not only did she sign up to have a polish line, but she is officially the first face for Wet n Wild.  Now THAT is an accomplishment!  Way to go, Fergie!  Looking forward to try some of her colors out.  Hopefully I won’t get those stupid bumps like I did the other day!