Can they even do that?

Keyword: lady gaga, bow banned, school picture


At 4 years old, Marcella Marino asked her dad, a hairdresser to make her feel like a princess for her school pictures.  Never did dad think that this would cause his daughter to be banned from the class photo!


In honor of Marcella’s favorite pop star, Lady Gaga, her dad recreated the famous hair bow using all of her beautiful blonde hair. The school was less than impressed by this look.  Apparently they have a very strict dress code that states bows can only be worn if they are blue or maroon ribbon.


Funny, because I would have lashed back saying ‘she’s not wearing a bow, it’s her hair you idiot.’  But that’s just me.  The little girl was devastated and came home crying. I don’t blame her.  It’s not like she is trying to get away with wearing a mini skrit, or fake lashes, or red lipstick.  She wore her hair in a cute bow on top of her head. All you are doing by telling her she can’t do that is preventing her from being herself. Aren’t we supposed to be teaching kids to express themselves?


I mean, look at her!  She’s absolutely adorable!  She is causing no harm. And might I add that I am quite impressed with her dads skills!


  • That’s outrageous! First of all it’s just wrong that the school did that, and second, it’s not even a crazy hairdo! It looks adorable!

    May 24 2012