Bored with the red lip craze already?


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Believe it or not, this product was invented by a father who noticed his daughters using temporary tattoos on their lips!! Can we say “Go Dad!!”? While I can’t give a review on the product since I literally JUST placed my order for them ($15 at, I can say that I am extremely intrigued. From my understanding they go on the same way a temp tattoo is placed; by peeling off the plastic layer, placing on lips, dabbing with water, and peel off paper. I have read many reviews that seem to say the same thing. They all seem to love the look, but feel they can’t smile or eat as the tattoo tends to crack.  These lips come in many different funky designs including, zebra print, polka dots, stripes, rainbow, and glitter.  If you have tried them please comment below and let us know what you thought! I will make sure to give my thoughts when I have tried them myself. My feelings are…they look fun, and for $15 for three applications, can you really go wrong…even if I only use them for photo shoots.

Must be hard to eat with those

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Jlo’s new video for ‘Goin In’ features Ms. Lopez with bejeweled lips that are to die for!  Now, I know this is not really a look that is appropriate to wear when you go out simply because you can’t eat or drink properly.


What if I told you there was a way to sort of mimic this look and you could wear it all day?  I know, you’re jumping up and down right now aren’t you? I’ve written about this product before but always get excited about it.

Violent lips is a way to get super awesome lips that are impossible to smudge! The glittered look mimics the jewels and it won’t go anywhere once you put it on!  Why not?  Because it’s not lipstick.  It’s a temporary tattoo, just like when you were a kid and got them from the ice cream man.  It is the same idea except it goes on your lips!


You can order straight from their site and choose from so many different fun colors and designs!  Check them out-




Only a few hours left to shop!


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Yay for Cyber Monday!  Great deals at the click of your mouse.  You don’t even have to leave your room and you can cover everyone on your holiday list! Here are a few deals I thought you all would be interested in. I tried to get this up earlier but my day for a little busy!  My apologies!  Hurry up…only a few hours left!




Violent Lips is offering 50% off and free shipping



Urban Decay Cosmetics six eyeshadow palettes are marked down from $34 to $19





Ulta is offering a free beauty bag with tons of free samples for any order at $35 or more (a $65 value!)



Temptu has brought back their offer to save 20% off all airbrush make-up systems




Bare Escentuals had 5 days of deals, but today is their last day and they are offering ALL 5 DEALS TODAY!


So there are a few of the deals going on for today.  Most end tonight and are on-line only offers (hence the term Cyber Monday)

Violent Lips adds to their collection!

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Thank you Violent Lips for adding this for us! What a perfect lip to wear for your bachelorette party!  I have written about Violent Lips a few times on my blog. While I don’t think they are for every day use, I still get a kick out of them and think they are great for parties and special occasions.  That is why I got so excited when I saw this post on their FB. What bride wouldn’t want to have these?!!


Other new looks they released for the spring/summer include-

I love the monarch butterfly ones.  They are stunning!  When Violent Lips first came out I thought to myself “This is a cute trend”  Never did I think it would take off the way it has and that they would have so many patterns/designs available!  It makes me so excited to see what new ones will come out in the future!!

You’ll want to check these out

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A long, long time ago…in a land far, far away…well, not really- I posted an article about this cool new product called Violent Lips. This caught my eye while browsing the internet and I have been following them on Facebook ever since.  They seem to add new designs pretty often and are growing in popularity every day. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted wearing these temporary lip tattoos.

Their most recent release was the Tiger Lip. Roar!!!


And my personal favorite:

Denim Jean!? What?!  Come on, who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans?  Now you can have your lips to match :)


Since I wrote my last article, I did get the chance to test them out myself.  They are not easy to use.  Cutting them down to size and forming them to your lips is frustrating and difficult. And when you do finally get them on, your lips feel a little funny.  But boy do they last!  Those babies aren’t going ANYWHERE!!  So check them out!  You get 3 in a pack for $15. Not a bad deal to have some fun with your girlfriends.  Could also make for a fun kiddie make-up party!