Could be a disaster if you do


Keyword: license renewal, forget


I am writing this because I recently had to renew my cosmetology license.  It is very very very veryyyyy important to not forget about taking care of this! What happens if you forget??  Well NY, you have to retake your entire test!  Yup!  That’s right!  That dreaded 4 hour practical you had to take when you graduated.  Imagine?  I’m getting anxiety even thinking about it!! I’m not even sure I remember half the stuff on the test to be honest.  So, make sure you get that $40 renewal fee in as soon as you get your reminder in the mail!!  DON’T FORGET!…I warned you!

Some crazy eyebrow looks!

Keyword: eyebrows, tattoo, bushy, pencil

Whether bushy, thin, penciled on, tattooed, shaved…these eyebrows are out of control!! What are these people thinking?? Do they not realize how important eyebrows are? Enjoy these photos…they are good for a few laughs!

Real Life Comic Book Character


Keyword: comic book make-up

The detail in this make-up job is simply AMAZING!! It really looks like she jumped right out of a comic book. I have to give credit to Mac, as this comes straight from them. It certainly takes a great deal of patiences to mark all those dots with such precision. She almost doesn’t even look real. Is it weird that my favorite part is her ear? The genius outline seriously makes it look like a drawing. I find myself just staring at it. And the liner around the lips is perfect! As a special effects artist myself, I am now sifting through my brain for some awesome halloween costume ideas.



I’m in looooove

Keyword: updo, bridal hair, pic of day

Yup, I am in love with this updo!  This confirms that I will most definitely begin the slow process of dying my hair blonde so it looks amazing in an updo for my wedding in 2014!

We’re getting full


Keyword: weeeatny, website

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce our fellow viewers to one of our sister sites You if you enjoy food in any way, then you are sure to enjoy everything this site has to offer.  Get your latest information on the greatest restaurants in town, try some new recipes, learn the newest trends for your next dinner party. Though it might not have much to do with make-up or hair…who doesn’t love food?! We urge you to check it out. We promise it will serve your appetite well!

I am obsessed with Colton Dixon!

Keyword: american idol, colton dixon, hair, mohawk, bleach


Let me name the reasons I am obsessed with Colton Dixon from American Idol…

-He can sing!  And he sings my favorite type of music!

-He dares to be different/unique

-He is so humble about his talents

-He has AMAZING hair!!!!


Seriously…not many people can pull off the mullet-mohawk, but it just seems to work for him! And since his recent change with the bleaching -it just added more to his ‘yum’ factor!


We love when people do good deeds

Keyword: cancer, wigs, jewel hair design

Whenever I hear of a local business helping to give back, it just makes me all giddy inside.  It’s such a wonderful thing when people go out of their way to help others who are in need.  So when I saw this on Facebook I knew I had to give my praise!


Jewel Hair Design is a company working mostly out of the Virginia, DC, Maryland area (I know, this is a NY site, but it says they will travel nationwide!!!) They offer on site hair design for  whatever your needs are. They have also recently started making their own hair accessories available on ETSY.

The reason they caught my attention today was because they posted about an amazing thing they are doing. They have commited to giving $1.00 to the every time they get a new fan on Facebook, and they share this info with friends by tagging them in a post. is a site dedicated to making the world a better place. It covers all kinds of donations, including wigs for women battling cancer. You have until Christmas Day to be a part of this, and it’s so simple to do!  Just click here for their site and the rest is easy as pie!

Westyle is always excited to share news like this, so if you know of any other local businesses/salons/hairdressers…etc who go that extra step to do something special like this, please let us know so we can feature them on our site!