Sorry about yesterday everyone

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Yesterday I spent a good part of my morning/afternoon at the hospital having my eye checked.  Here’s what happened…


A few days ago my eye felt like it was bruised.  I thought maybe it was a sty from wearing all the makeup and lashes for my show, but nothing ever came out…it just kept feeling like I was punched in the face.  Soon after I began turning very red on the side of my nose and across the top of my cheek bone.


Today an eye doctor friend told me he would check it out. Apparently the redness was from a reaction I had from the makeup I wore for the show. Just as I had originally suspected, I have the start of a sty…but it’s on the inside of the top lid.  I caught it in time that it shouldn’t get to the point of actually swelling my lid to much…phew.

While at the doctors he wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with the eye ball so he dilated my pupil.  Do you know what it is like to drive home with one pupil dilated? lol  Needless to say, I got home in time to post a few articles, but I couldn’t look at my computer screen.  But I am back now and very glad there is nothing more wrong with my face and my eye!!!


Thank you to all who reached out to make sure I was feeling better!  It’s so nice to hear how much my readers/fans care about me!

 There’s an App for that

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Whooooaaa!  someone get Jenn Taylor some Benadryl, STAT!


dailymail reported on this woman who broke out in a horrible rash from the protective case she had on her iPhone. Living in Liverpool, Jenn noticed a distinct phone shaped rash appear on the right side of her face.  After antihistamines failed to do the trick, she rushed to the hospital the following morning, waking up with her eye nearly swollen shut,  barely able to swallow, and proud owner of 13 new skin allergies.


Okay now on a more serious note,  I think at this point, it’s much easier to just go case-free and buy a new iPhone every time you drop it, right?   Red rash all over your body VS spending your life savings on replacing broken iPhones…


Pretty simple choice in my book.


Jenn Taylor seems pretty composed as I was reading through the interview-  Saying she contacted Griffin, the phone case manufacturer, as well as Apple, and neither have responded.    Uhhhhhhh what?  I have a red rash covering 60% of my body and I can’t walk out of my house without having an allergic reaction: you better believe whoever is running Apple nowadays(rip steve jobs) is gonna answer my phone call.



Estee Lauder

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I would like to thank our blogger over at weFASHIONny for sending me this tidbit of information!  I don’t watch the show Mad Men, but it’s clear that it has become a very popular show. I mean, they have their own clothing line with Banana Republic. Estee Lauder ran with this inspiration and released a mini collection of Mad Men Make-up!


It’s a limited edition collection so if you are interested in getting that Betty Draper look, visit the website now to order yours today!!

It’s never too late to start planning ;)

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Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Was Santa good to you all?  He certainly was god to me.  And the fun part is, I get to do it all again in two weeks when I see my Dad! How exciting!! *dances in her seat*

In the spirit of gift giving, I thought I would start you early on some fun gifts to get your hair dresser next year!  If you are a hair dresser, then they are fun gifts to get yourself!!

This necklace comes straight from this amazing website called The Zombie Boutique.  It contains all handmade jewelry specially for those zombie lovers out there.  Have you met me?! haha Love this!!


Perfect for that punk-rock type girl. This pillow would go perfect in my room btw. To be honest, it would even be perfect in my studio salon! Find it here, along with cute hairdresser t-shirts and such.


I actually have two of these.  I pretty much drink EVERYTHING out of them. Everyone in my house knows not to touch my mugs! Occupation Gifts is a great website.  You can find this and other things such as, ornaments, frames, business card holder, figurines…etc.

These are always great ideas, and totally practical. Hairdressers travel a lot to do hair.  Maybe not all of them…but a good portion of us do.  We always need bags to lug our stuff around in. So when in doubt…this is where to go!  Or an apron!  Always need new aprons!


See! There is no need to be stressed for the holiday season next year.  You already have one gift done ;)

Kitty is a makeup artist

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What a pretty kitty! Look at that tongue!  I am a sucker for a cat picture…

It’s me, Mario!

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Summertime always reminds me of the time my best friend and I spent the whole summer back and forth between the pool and playing Mario 64. I’ll never forget having to call her little brother over to beat one of the boards for us! Haha  Those were the good ol’ days! This is so very clever nail art, don’t you think?

This is becoming more and more popular!

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So the men in the world are starting to feel the same pressures that women feel about keeping themselves looking young. It has finally caught up to them.  More men today are using botox than ever before! Even with the economy at where it is, these numbers are still growing.  I guess people will pay any price to feel beautiful, even if they shouldn’t be able to afford it!

The most common reason for botox in men is to remove the vertical lines between their brows that makes that have that constant look of anger. You know what I’m talking about lol.  They will also try to make the lines in their forehead look smaller, however don’t seem to worry as much about their crows feet. One thing different though, is the fact that they worry more about the pain that women do…babies!