Show us your ink!

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and people are coming up with many more ways to stand out from the crowd with unique ideas and placement.  These next photos show the best, and the worst of tattoos for stylists of all kinds!


This one is awful.  A skull between her cleavage?! Not to mention the fact that it looks like she tried to cram as much stuff onto her chest as possible!  How embarrassing!


This one I really like, I just wish the artist did a cleaner, steadier job on it.  But the concept is cool.


I’m not sure I would ever want a pink, leopard blow dryer tattooed on me. Especially if it’s a terrible drawing of it like this one..


This one is my favorite. The artist did a great job and I love the blood splatters. The font of the writing is great too! This was a well thought out tattoo…bravo!

A solution to balding hair!

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I cannot tell you what they are saying, but they seem to be laughing a lot!  What are they doing?  They are using Caboki!


What’s Caboki? It’s a product for men or women with hair loss.  It is made of natural fibers that stick to the hairs that remain on the head, making them thicker and cover more space.  It is wind, rain, sweat proof too! You can see from the video how easy it is to use.


According to their website, it is totally natural looking and no one will be able to tell you are using it!  The best part is, they have it available in several colors-


Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown


Dark Grey


You can either spend $40 for a 50-75 day bottle, or $20 for a 25 day bottle. Check it out here.


Though the video I posted here is funny, it actually seems like it is an excellent product and I’m very interested to see if any of my readers have used it, or know someone who has!

Let us introduce our latest additions to the sites

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Over the past week or so you might have noticed a few glitches on a couple of the sites in our network.  Well,  WE’RE DONE!    We, the web guys, work our asses off to keep this network up and running as smoothly as it is; every now and then you’ll see little errors pop up on the sites,  but we try to get them resolved immediately for you guys.


We have gotten several complaints in the past about our old ‘GOT A TIP?’ buttons-  they weren’t very user friendly I guess.  Well,  now all you have to do is click the button, fill out the simple drop down menu, and click Send. There isn’t an easier way out there than this people, so if that doesn’t work for you guys, then just send your writers an email directly at:



While we were woking on the ‘GOT A TIP’ buttons, we also came up with this ‘FEATURED STORIES’ box.  Self explanatory- a constant rotation of previously featured articles written on the site. We’re still working the bugs out and introducing the writers to them, but they’re up and running for your enjoyment!



As always, our sites are ALL 100% mobile friendly.   Cell phones, tablets, laptops etc-  if you can access the internet, you can access our sites.   If anything on the sites are screwed up at this moment, just Refresh the page and your browser should accept the changes we’ve recently uploaded.


Back to work we go.   Until next time, enjoy the sites!


-Web Team


Learning the basics to nail care

Keyword: nail polish, fake nails, nail care, chipping polish

For the last 15 years of my life I have been getting my nails done with tips and silk wraps.  I never imagined my hands without them.  However, I recently had no time to get a fill-in and soon all my nails popped off.  I decided to give my nails a break for a while and keep them more natural.  I also figured this was a good way to save some money since we have begun house hunting, and paying off a wedding!


I wrote an article a few weeks ago about having bumps on my nails after polishing them.  Turns out that I literally have to let every coat of polish completely dry before doing the next.  It takes me ALL DAY to paint my nails this way, but it works! Naturally after all the time it take me to paint them, I hate to see them chip after a day or two. Here are some ways to help keep the polish on your nails!

- Clean nails are key!  After filing, make sure to wash with warm soapy water. This will get rid of some of the natural oils on your nails.  It also helps if you use a polish remover right before painting!

- Use a base coat. It will help the color adhere to the nail better.

-Paint in thin layers and wait for each layer to dry before the next.  Like mentioned earlier, this does take a while, but it does work!

- Top coats are key!  They will help keep polish in place.  Make sure to get as close to the edges as possible.  That is where chipping begins!! You can apply a top coat about every other day.

Follow these tips and your polish will last almost double what it normally does!  Also, I have learned that if you do notice chipping, simply file the nail where the polish chipped to smooth it out, then repaint them with the matching color, add your top coat and you’re done.  No need to take it all off and start over again!

You can do this at home

Keyword: prom hair, updo, easy hair, formal hair


Prom is on it’s way! Time to start thinking about how you are going to wear your hair.  This is a simple updo style that I am convinced anyone can do!  Just a few simple knots, curl the ends and…tada!! There are so many ways you can use knots to create really cool hair.  Check these out-



Times are tough nowadays, so there is nothing wrong with a little homemade hairstyling for your prom day.  Help keep a few bucks in moms pocket and put a little love in her heart, that kinda stuff means the world to them.

It’s about time he cleaned up his looks!

Keyword: Ashton Kutcher, shaved

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Ashton looking hot again! He is such a sexy guy and he really let himself go in the last year. I had lost all hope for him ever returning to my “hot celebrity list”, but as of last Wednesday he is back!  According to an interview, the make-over wasn’t his idea though.  Apparently it was the show ‘Two and a Half Men’ that had him do it. Thank you to whoever pushed him back in the direction of sexy!


It was a sad day on the ship when we all finally found out about Whitney Houstons death about 2 or 3 days after it actually happened.  Not only was she a woman of many voices and song, but she shared many different looks throughout her short, but inspirational time on this earth.  Here is a tribute to to her style. May she rest in peace!



A young Whitney.  So full of energy! Look how innocent and beautiful she is.



I guess she always had a thing for big hair, huh? ;)


Looking sexier than ever!


Her music and voice will be missed! <3