It’s me, Mario!

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Summertime always reminds me of the time my best friend and I spent the whole summer back and forth between the pool and playing Mario 64. I’ll never forget having to call her little brother over to beat one of the boards for us! Haha  Those were the good ol’ days! This is so very clever nail art, don’t you think?

This is becoming more and more popular!

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So the men in the world are starting to feel the same pressures that women feel about keeping themselves looking young. It has finally caught up to them.  More men today are using botox than ever before! Even with the economy at where it is, these numbers are still growing.  I guess people will pay any price to feel beautiful, even if they shouldn’t be able to afford it!

The most common reason for botox in men is to remove the vertical lines between their brows that makes that have that constant look of anger. You know what I’m talking about lol.  They will also try to make the lines in their forehead look smaller, however don’t seem to worry as much about their crows feet. One thing different though, is the fact that they worry more about the pain that women do…babies!



I love when celebs aren’t afraid to go shorter!

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Jennifer Lopez has been sporting the same long hair for a while now.  Not get me wrong, I think she always looks fabulous.  She always styles it differently and keeps it fresh. But this week she was spotted with a shorter, and much curlier do!



It’s amazing how much a little haircut can totally transform you.  She looks like a totally different person. According to other sites, she got not just one…but TWO haircuts!  First she had it cut to just passed her shoulders.  Then went back and had them cut it to her shoulders.  See, even celebs have a hard time parting with their hair sometimes.


I personally still think she looks amazing.  What do you think?

Add this to my birthday list

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Cutest headband I’ve ever seen! What a great way to accessorize and show off your love of cutting! haha  You can get it on Etsy for only $22. It’s the perfect gift for your hair dresser!  Get it here!

Cool Lipstick Art!

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Who doesn’t love panda bears? Isn’t this a great idea for a kids party? Everyone loves face painting…but why not lip painting?  Just a thought!

Honoring Donna Summer

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With the loss of Donna Summer this morning, I knew I had to say a little something about the disco diva herself!  Not only was she an inspiration to the music industry with all of her fabulous hits, but she was a hair icon as well! Always rocking big beautiful hair!!

The 63 year old diva passed this morning after a battle with cancer. It’s hard to think about Donna Summer and not want to sing all of her fantastic songs!  She will greatly be missed!

This is a must watch video!

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Yeah…..I”m not sure how to take this.  Is he trying to be funny?  If so, then he nailed it! But if he is serious then I am inclined to laugh at him.  I enjoyed going to school, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to write a whole song about it!


The song is terrible too.  It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s so damn wordy!  I actually feel bad making fun but I watched this whole video with my jaw in my chest.  My fiance stopped what he was doing to listen and laugh along with me.  I guess some people just have a little too much time on their hands! haha