Poor Simon


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While The X Factor seems to be falling short of its expectations, can we talk about Simon’s hair? For a guy who is said to be worth $320 million why can’t the guy find a decent hair dresser?!  It’s never blended, always looks dry and course….and why so flat on top? Was he carrying books on his head?  I don’t get it!  Sorry Simon, but I give your hair the “X”!!

Water can be so boring!

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They say that water is the best way to stay hydrated during these hot summer days.  Dehydration can affect you in several ways. The quality of your skin, hair, and nails are all affected by how hydrated you are.  But what if you are like me and find drinking water to be super boring?

Try to spice it up!  Add cucumber, lemon, and orange slices to your water and it will actually have flavor to it and you’ll be excited to drink it!  It also will be reminiscent of being at the spa. Boy could I use one of those days, huh?

It’s up to you, New York….New Yooooork!

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Now THAT is a true New Yorker!  Way to show pride in your city!!!

Is that pizza sauce?

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First I have to apologize to all who cannot view Flash, but this video was too good not to post! If you cannot view it and would like to, you can find it here ‘Hold The Hair’.

I’ve worked a lot of weddings and I have been lucky enough to not have a Bridezilla *knock on wood*.  This girl is crazy….super crazy!  It seems that none of her bridesmaids even want to give her the time of day and I don’t blame them! I’d love to high five the girl who put pizza sauce in her hair!


I would just like to say that no wedding should be so stressful that you act like this.  When planning your wedding, try not to lose sight of what a wedding is all about….a celebration of your love for each other. If you feel like you are becoming a bridezilla, take a step back and breath!!

Grab the eggnog, and the polish!


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Tis the season to go nail crazy!  So here are a few fun ideas to try if you are looking to give your nails that holiday kick.  You can go candy-cane style like the photo above. You start with a french manicure then use either a solid red, or some red glitter and make your stripes.  You have to have a steady hand though. And I love the cute snowflake decal they used here. Full Story »

Ashley Tisdale did some barefaced shopping before walking the Red Carpet of her movie premier

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Ashley Tisdale was out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday browsing the boot and shoe collection of Neiman Marcus in her workout gear.  Just hours later, she appeared on the Red Carpet Premier of her new film ‘The Lucky One’.  I love seeing celebrities leaving the house in the raw-  granted I may not always agree with how celebs walk around in public,  but I always respect when they’re seen out in public running everyday errands just like the rest of us.    Okay wait, Neiman Marcus shopping sprees aren’t exactly everyday errands, but you know what I mean



Ashley is pictured here at the premier for the film,  absolutely glowing and looking adorable.  You know what I love?  the fact that she kept her makeup minimal for the premier(minimal by red carpet standards that is).  A simple lipstick, some work around the eyes and her adorable outfit made this girl shine last night-  not to mention we’re absolutely looooooving her hair!  I respect her underlayer of pink, especially considering I just changed mine from pink to teal last night!

There is nothing better than this stuff!

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As a baby, my mom would use this stuff to help sooth rashes. Now, as a 29 year old woman, I am finding so many more uses for this stuff!



It works great as a moisturizer for your lips, and the rest of your face/body.  In the winter I tend to use it on my elbows, or my feet and hands because they can get very dry sometimes! I also seem to blow my nose a lot more in the winter time so my nose will get a litte rough.  Petroleum jelly has help keep my nose from getting raw and sore! And those dry/cracked lips…this will help heel them faster than any chapstick!


If you want to turn your favorite eye shadow color into a lipstick.  Mix it with a little of this stuff and you have a beautiful new lip color that will keep your lips feelings great too!



Petroleum Jelly can also help your perfume scent to last longer.  Dab a little in the areas where you spray your perfume the most and it will help it to stick for all night yumminess!


Sometimes we don’t all have the steady hands of a manicurist. To help keep the polish on the nails and off the skin, apply a little jelly around your nails and if you slip up, all yo have to do it wipe it off!



Ever wake up from an awful nights sleep where not only your hair is a mess, but your eye brows too? A great way to tame them is to brush a little petroleum kelly over them to help keep them in place.