Turn up the heat


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Did you know that cold showers are good for your hair and skin? Yeah…tell that to my body now that it’s 30 degrees here in NY!! They say that you should always end your showers with a shot of cold water. It will help both your hair and skin by closing up your pores. Since the warm water opens them up, its good to close them when you are done washing to prevent bad bacteria from getting back in. For your face, it will also help prevent dark circles as it makes your blood vessels constrict. About a year ago the hot water in my bathroom sink stopped working so I became accustomed to washing my face each morning with cold water. It was hard to get used to at first….especially in the winter. But now that my hot water is back, I still don’t use it. My face has never felt better since I stopped washing it every morning and night with hot water. It’s also a refreshing way to wake yourself up in the morning :)

Tattoos and all!


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Now this is a Barbie I would have killed to have had when I was 8 years old.  I mean, just look at that awesome pink bob! Mattel released this $50 limited edition Barbie inspired by the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Not only does she have awesome hair, but she sports a smokey eye, some punk rock clothes, totally rockin’ pumps, and tattoos cover her arm and collar bone. And can I say how cute her little Japanese pet is!! Lots of parents seem to be complaining that this Barbie sends to wrong message to kids. remember parents, this is a collectors item. It’s not meant for playing with anyway!  Leave these on the self for us gals who can appreciate the beauty of self expression and uniqueness.

With your hair!


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Now, I am in no way a Football fan, but it IS football season so it’s only fair we talk about it no?  To be quite honest, I have no idea how many games have been played nor do I know how well or awful our NY teams are doing. Superbowl is February 5th…and I only know this because I googled it! I do, however have plenty of girlfriends who are very much into football. So, this is for them! I had to post these on weStyle! Tell me this isn’t the perfect way to root for your home team? I can imagine if a salon sold these around the Super Bowl or playoffs they would probably profit really well.

They even have them for all you baseball fans!  As a hockey chick, I will say that I was disapointed that they do not have any specific ones for the Rangers or Islanders. If they do not have your team logo, they will at least have your team colors! I know I’ll be sporting my red & blue for the Rangers come hockey season!


Visit our friends at www.sportshairstyles.com to check out all the fun clip-ins they have.  So the next time you get invited to a sporting event, instead of painting your face…try these! They are much more fun. And lets not forget to mention that any guy would certainly be impressed…as long as it’s his team you are representing!

I want to be a drag queen!

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I want to take a class from this guy!  This is absolutely amazing!  The way he transforms his face…it’s truly art! I’ve always had a slight obsession with drag makeup.  Its not fair that they get to wear such amazing eye shadows that if I wore on a regular  basis I would be labeled…well…something that I don’t want to be labeled haha.  I know wePRIDEny fans will get a kick out of this too. Enjoy!

Best time of year for TV

Keyword: face off, syfy, prosthetics

Tuesday marked the premier of the new season of Face Off.  Did I get to watch it yet? Nope!  It’s killing me that I don’t have time for my own life these days but once my fiance and I get settled into our own house things will be much more calm and simpler.


Face Off is the ultimate special effects makeup show ever.  They cover everything from body painting, prosthetic work, blood guts and gore, and all that awesomely fun stuff!  It’s really hard not to love it.  Even if you don’t have a love for makeup or design it is still really cool to watch how these artist use their skills to create such amazing characters.  The winner gets a car, $100,000 and I think a bunch of makeup as well.  It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  Not to mention the exposure you get!

Tune in on Tuesday at 9pm on the SyFy channel to see how fantastic this show really is.  I hope I get to sit down tonight to catch up!!

The quietest dryer

Keyword: Whisper Light, dryer, ionic

You’re holding a great conversation with your client while you give her this fantastic cut.  Then out comes the blow dryer.  Either the conversation ends abruptly, or she keeps on talking as you nod, pretending to hear what she is saying the whole time. Well, no longer will this be a problem if you get the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Dryer.

Recently this dryer was globally recognized by the Noise Abatement Society as one of the quietest dryers in the world. I almost wish I could could go back in time to before Christmas. I would have totally put this on my list!

Best part is….it comes in pink too!!

Whisper Light™ Features

  • NanoIonic™ Mineral Technology
  • Natural Negative ions
  • Far infrared energy
  • Ultra-light technology
  • Ultra-quiet technology
  • Dual removable filters
  • Cool shot button
  • Variable heat
  • Ionic styling nozzle

For more information on this product visit www.bioionic.com

MAC’s lip glass


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Seriously, probably the best lip gloss out there, hands down! And you can even get them in different colors too. It’s thick and shiny, but doesn’t have that stickiness to you.  You know what I’m talking about…when you have your mouth closed for a while and when you go to open up you actually feel like you have to pry your lips open! Check this and other MAC products out at www.maccosmetics.com