Just bend and snap…very Legally Blonde!

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Scunci’s Bendini has been around for at least a year now.  You can get all kinds of clips in different colors and shapes.  It was about time they came out with a floral collection!  So many brides are using flower accents in either their hair, or for their bridal party.  These are a great accent to any hair.

They also have great lasting power.  The way the go in leaves them very secure. You won’t have to add bobby pins to them.  Basically you stick the comb in, best the flower forward and snap it into place!  The bend and snap!! haha


Wear one in place of a head band when you decide to wear your hair down, or make your ponytail more elegant by snapping on of the top of it.  There are so many options!  I say, buy them all!! ;)

Enjoy your long weekend off

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Most likely you all have bbq’s to attend, as long as the weather holds out! I’ll be attending yet another wedding! Seems like if I’m not working one I am going to one…or both!


The boss gave us all off on Monday, but maaaaaaybe I’ll be nice and still bring your my Jerseylicous article early Monday morning.  We’ll see how I feel ;)


Please be safe this weekend and Enjoy!

People getting chin jobs so they look good on iChat

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Whooooooa!   The fastest growing plastic surgery trend in 2011 was a Chin Job!?  21,000 chin jobs in the US last year alone; more than breast augmentations, botox and liposuction.    Apparently people are really self conscious how their double chin looks when they’re video conferencing for work.


You know, at first I thought the article was crazy, but I guess with technology moving as fast as it is- the day of instant connection is here, and all we have to worry about is how we look from the collarbone up haha.     There are literally no pictures to attach to an article like this, so I figured I would put together a list of people that should definitely be next on the list for a chin job:


This guy has to be a shoe-in for a free chin job right?   Or do you think it’s just the opposite for him?  he doesn’t have a double chin, he just has one enormous chin-  this guy might be on to something here.



Ooooohhh yeah, 100% gotta go.  Drew Carey over here thinks putting on a wide spread neck and some glasses is gonna draw your eye away from his chin.  Not fooling this girl, I still see it!



Dry shampoo is a quick fix

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It’s Thursday morning, the work week has been long and tiresome, your alarm goes off but you keep hitting snooze.  You finally pop out of bed with a mere 15 minutes to get ready for work! There’s no time to wash that hair of yours…not to mention blow drying.  But it’s hair wash day and in the course of your sleep, your hair managed to create enough oil to fill your husbands truck.  No need to worry!  Go pick yourself up some dry shampoo. Almost every product line makes their own. Some come in colors to match your hair, others come with fragrance…it’s your preference. Essentially they all do the same thing.  Either you sprinkle, or you spray the powdered shampoo onto your hair…concentrating mostly on the roots where most of the oils lay.  Brush it through…and bam!  Clean, non-oily hair in just 2-3 minutes.  Now, we all know it is not healthy to wash your hair every day, but there are some ladies out there…men too I suppose, who don’t feel they can ‘not’ wash their hair.  This is a great alternative. The dry shampoos don’t strip your hair like the normal shampoos do. So try this and see if you can get yourself into a routine of only doing a real wash every other day.


The photo above advertises the brand ‘Girlz Only’  I listed this one because of the difference fragrances it offers. But if there is a specific brand of hair products you like, then I suggest giving theirs a shot.

Feline Toupees


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Your cat will never go bald as long as they have their Kitty Toupee! :D  For those that know me, I am a huge animal person, and cats are at the top of my list. So when I saw this site I knew I had to post it on WeStyle. My favorite part is where it explains how to make the toupees. They even have one for dogs! If anything, you will get a good laugh out of it. www.kittytoupee.com

It’s me, Mario!

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Summertime always reminds me of the time my best friend and I spent the whole summer back and forth between the pool and playing Mario 64. I’ll never forget having to call her little brother over to beat one of the boards for us! Haha  Those were the good ol’ days! This is so very clever nail art, don’t you think?

These are so creative

Keyword: finger makeup, finger art, finger painting

On your mark, get set….go!!!!!  What? Those are fingers?  Apparently finger makeup is an art, and I think it’s pretty amazing!


This elephant totally took my breath away! I love how they artist used the creases hin his hand ad the wrinkly elephant skin.

The eagle is so perfect it almost looks like an oil painting.

Using both hands, this artist created a breathtaking peacock.

But of course, my favorite has to be zombies! I love that the little pinky finger is munching on a foot.


Who said makeup always had to be on our face?  Get your hands dirty sometimes!!