Sammi Sweetheart make-up

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Jersey Shore ended another season last week and tonight will be the Reunion show on MTV.  So in honor of that I decided to post this video on how to gt your makeup to look like Sammi.  I was tired of all the usual Snooki look-a-likes.  Sammi probably wears the least amount of make-up out of all the girls on the show…and I say that very loosely lol.  This girl gives a great tutorial for all you Sweetheart fans out there!


Here’s another favorite of mine


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One of my clients is a Mary Kay consultant and on a regular basis lets me sample products. It’s a great thing for me because I get to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I like it for myself, and sometimes I find a product that will work great on my bridal/make-up clients.  So, the last time she came for a haircut she had me try Mary Kay’s Satin Lips.  You start with the lip mask.  You take a small drop of it and with your finger, run in across your lips. The product is a gentle exfolient that becomes dry and you can actually  feel it taking all the dead skin right off your lips.  WHen done, you want to wash the product and residue off your lips.  Then use the lip balm for moisture.  Your lips will feel like satin!  They say to use the exfolient no more than 2-3- times a week. The balm can be used as often as you want.  In fact, I suggest replacing that chapstick of yours with the lip balm! I called her two days ago to let her know I wanted my very own Satin Lips and she dropped the product off to me the next day.  I was so excited. I used it right away, and even had my mom try it! A+ in both our books!  Visit my friends site here to get this and other great products!

Trust me on this

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This kitty knows what it’s all about! My #1 make-up product would have to be an eye lash curler. To me, mascara is nothing without its curling friend. If I had to guess, I would say about 85% of my clients do not have naturally curled lashes, therefore you must achieve the look with the contraption that my fiance thinks looks very painful. The truth is, it is not painful, and its very easy to use.  It really creates a world of difference. Just check these photos out for proof of what it can do for your eyes.  You can clearly see that it completely changes the whole eye, and makes it appear more open and more interesting to look at.  So if you do nothing else, curl those lashes!  Full Story »

Would you get a bird poop facial?

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Okay, this is gross!  Apparently there is a spa in New York City that uses bird poop as one of the ingredients in a facial! Shizuka New York Day Spa in Midtown calls this the Geisha Facial.  The facial is said to have enzymes  in it that break down dead skin cells. The cost to have bird poop smeared over you face? $180!!

Who would do such a thing?  Well Tom Cruise has been reported having this kind of facial.  I think I’ll stick to my regular green mask for now!!

Violent Lips adds to their collection!

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Thank you Violent Lips for adding this for us! What a perfect lip to wear for your bachelorette party!  I have written about Violent Lips a few times on my blog. While I don’t think they are for every day use, I still get a kick out of them and think they are great for parties and special occasions.  That is why I got so excited when I saw this post on their FB. What bride wouldn’t want to have these?!!


Other new looks they released for the spring/summer include-

I love the monarch butterfly ones.  They are stunning!  When Violent Lips first came out I thought to myself “This is a cute trend”  Never did I think it would take off the way it has and that they would have so many patterns/designs available!  It makes me so excited to see what new ones will come out in the future!!

Where do we draw the line?

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I have been known to take out a blemish here, or fix and awkward eye in a photo of myself before posting it for the world to see.  I can appreciate the art of photoshop.  But when it is taken to a level that makes it not resemble the person anymore, I have an issue with that!

Watching this video really puts things in perspective. Now, the acne…I get…for a major shoot I would photoshop that out too, but when you are making people appear skinnier (who already have amazing bodies to begin with), getting rid of their freckles, changing their make-up, skin tone, and hair…it just get’s so crazy!  What’s wrong with a little imperfection here and there?

Everyone has a little roll when they sit down!  I’m barely 100lbs and like to think I keep my body in good shape. Yet, when I have a pair of jeans on and I sit down in a relaxed position, I get a little roll over my pants.  It’s natural!  So why does that have to be airbrushed out?!

I guess this is an on going issue that us women are going to have to battle forever…and it will probably only get worse. But whenever you are feeling a little down about yourself, watch this video and remind yourself that even the ladies that appear to be “perfect” aren’t!  They are just like the rest of us!  They just have great make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, and photoshop’ers’!

heads up to all my migraine sufferers out there! This could be your solution

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Sorry to my heavy drinkers,  this article doesn’t pertain to those kinds of headaches- we’re talking about chronic migraine sufferers that have daily migraines so painful they could take down a horse.  DailyMail reports on a growing trend and apparent cure for those suffering from chronic headaches.


I fortunately do not suffer from chronic migraines, but a family member of mine does and my heart breaks for her whenever I see her suffering from the debilitating pain that attacks her for no apparent reason.    The concept makes sense,  in the article they explain how accessing the area just behind the eyes gives the Doctors the easy access to the sensory nerves that they have found are one of the leading causes for chronic migraines.


The surgery would allow the Doctors to relieve any excess pressure that might be resting on nerves or blocking blood flow,  causing a constant hindering of pain. In some cases, they have found just opening the area around the eye up presents a completely new playing field for them,  in which they are even able to see things such as ‘a band around a nerve, or a nerve that comes through a hole in the bone instead of a notch’ ;  both proven to cause the migraines.

So you see migraine sufferers,  people do care about you, and Doctors are out there trying to find a way to rid you of this unfortunate and terrible pain.