Oops, sorry Jamie!

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It was only a few weeks ago that I said to someone “What ever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears?” It was like she popped out a baby and disappeared. Little did I know, she made her country music debut just about a month ago.  I had no idea!

So here she is, sporting a new look.  Well….a new look for her, I suppose. Does she not look just like Britney now?  I’m not knocking her. She clearly looks up to her older sister.

The 20 year old star began her career on Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon but was forced to leave after her pregnancy. I’m glad to see her back. I always thought she was adorable. She certainly has grown up a lot though.

Jamie was so excited to get her hair done, she posted on twitter with play by play updates. She first received a whole head of extensions to add length and thickness, then hair expert Mallory Baize colored the tresses before she posted a final picture.

I think she looks great. I wish her lots of luck on her new venture!

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Poor Simon


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While The X Factor seems to be falling short of its expectations, can we talk about Simon’s hair? For a guy who is said to be worth $320 million why can’t the guy find a decent hair dresser?!  It’s never blended, always looks dry and course….and why so flat on top? Was he carrying books on his head?  I don’t get it!  Sorry Simon, but I give your hair the “X”!!

What’s going on in this world?

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In keeping with the current Zombie trend going around right now, I was inspired to post some of my favorite zombieness. (I know my girl from weEATny will love the photo above.  Check out her article on eating faces!) While I love zombies, I do not condone eating peoples faces or ripping out others hearts. It is super creepy and weird.  But nonetheless, I still love zombies…


Where can you go to get a pair of awesome Zombie shoes? www.ironfistclothing.com carried all sorts of zombie apparel. I own everything from shoes, to wallets, to bathing suits from them…and I can’t get enough! I am thoroughly obsessed.



Now these are some brains that are okay to eat!! Yummy brain cupcakes!  Can I have these from my wedding??  Haha, can you imagine? They do look delicious though!  And how fitting that they are red velevet!



Of course I can’t write this article and not post about awesome zombie makeup!  Here is Greg Nicotero working on my favorite zombie from the AMC series, The Walking Dead.  I cannot say enough how much I love this show and how much I love his work!!  He is like my zombie making idol!!!


Now let’s stop with all these crazy drugs that are making these people do awful things!  Zombies are cool…but only on tv!

Bet you can’t guess who this is…


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Yup, that’s right!! That little cutie from Jerry Maguire is allllll grown up (and thats an understatement!). Remember how cute he was? “The human head weighs 8 lbs!” Here is Jonathan Lipnicki now at the ripe age of 21 posing for a photo for the Daily News…and looking oh-so-chiseled. Currently an aspiring filmmaker he says that he keeps his body in shape with Jiu Jitsu.  I’ll take some of that Jiu Jitsu, please….with a Jonathan on the side! hehe

Does such a thing exist?

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It exists, and it’s awesome.  If you have a client who loves the look of highlighted hair, but knows she won’t be back regularly for touch ups, this is the answer!  I’ve done it for a few of my clients and have only gotten positive reviews from it.

You have to make the highlights thin, as it won’t work for chunky. And it won’t work if they are looking to have a ton of highlights either.  It’s only for a soft look. The trick is to not do every foil right at the roots. Basically the point is to not make it noticeable when the roots start growing it.  Therefore, what I do is three different foils.  The first one is at the root,  The second one is about 3 inches from the root, and the third one is somewhere between the first and second.  Then I keep alternating the pattern. The result is perfect and your client will be very happy to NOT have to see you again in the usual 4 weeks ;)

But this is a hair & make-up site!

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What? This isn’t weFASHIONny.com?   Oops!! Oh well…I just HAD to share these with you!  Me neighbor saw them at a craft fair and shared it with me and my mom.  The next day I began making my own!

This is a placemat! Follow these instructions and you can make it into a bag just like I did!

Start by sewing three sides down. You can sew them as close to the center or as far to the edge as you want, just make sure they are even with  each other.

Then fold it up towards the side you have not sewn down. Sew the sides together.

Add a snap to hold it closed.

Decorate as you wish.  You can use flowers, beads, glitter, feathers….you name it!

On these I used necklaces, and used them to make straps.  But you can go strapless if you wish!  They are super cute, and easy.  You can have one for every outfit! Best part is that no one else will have it!  I am working on a Fourth Of July one right now!

Thank the nail polish gods!

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Ahhhh!! Get your paws on this stuff!  I love free things. And what is better than free nail polish from Zoya? You have through January 9th to get your choice of TWO free polishes per customer. No contest to enter…no forms to fill out, just a simple free product. All you need to do is pick your two favorites and type in the code ZOYA2012. Okay, okay, you have to pay the cost for shipping…I guess not everything in life comes totally free, but I still think this is an awesome offer. I am not even sure I am able to only pick two!  Good thing my fiance and I don’t live together yet.  I’ll just use his name to pick out two more…shhhhh!