This girl can do it all!

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Beautiful and talented, this Super, Grammy winning, Diva has done it all! And now she comes out to say that she she even does her own make-up on tour! Carrie told “Glamour” for her lashes she can use up to 4 different mascaras! Some to lengthen and some to thicken. I was glad to see she uses a trick I have become very fond of as well….instead of eyeliner, she uses charcoal shadow. I’ve been doing this for years. Seems to have a softer look than a pencil. To hold all her make-up, Carrie carries (haha, get it?!) everything around in a MAC by Zuca Bag for $279.

Where did they come from?

Keyword: baby hair, damage, breakage

Wondering where those little baby hairs are coming from in the front of your head?  Most likely they are breakage do to too much use of the flat iron, or maybe from dying your hair too much.  Either way…it’s annoying, right?  You pull your hair back, and all these little pieces just stick out and don’t have a clear direction where to go.  If you are victim to this problem, try spraying a bit of hair spray on a tooth brush and comb them back.  Or you can even use a little lip gloss (clear, or course) to keep them in place. Lip gloss tends to be stickier than gel, and it doen’t try and lose it’s stick-factor…just don’t use too much.

To prevent new small hairs from becoming a problem, cut back on the flat iron a bit, or start using a heat protecting spray!

What can help keep it tame?

Keyword: frizzy hair, humid weather, conditioner, fabric softener

Sometimes in the summer as weather becomes more humid, your hair will start to frizz more.  There is nothing a girl hates more than frizzy hair!  To resolve this issue, try conditioning it more often.


If conditioner isn’t helping there is another way to tame those locks, but I bet some of you won’t believe me!

Liquid fabric softener works wonders as a leave in conditioner!  Of course this product isquite strong so you MUST dilute it with water.  Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup  water and 1/2 cup fabric softener.  After you shower, comb through your hair and spray your homemade leave in conditioner as needed!

Not only will your hair smell great, but it will be much smoother and softer and will be less likely to frizz on you during those hot summer days!

Set Up Your Trial

Keyword: wedding, brial hair, updos, hairstylist

Wedding season has begun and if you are like thousands of other girls out there then you are planning and stressing as I type! Here are some tips on booking your hairstylist:


- Begin searching out a stylist about 8-12 months before the wedding. Do not try booking more than a year out.  Most stylists won’t do this. I know for me, my book doesn’t go further than a year and I can’t think more than a year ahead!

- If you already know you are 100% going with a certain stylist then you don’t have to book your trial til about 2-3 months before the wedding. If you do it earlier then you might forget what it looks like, or you could change your mind too many times and end up having more than one trial and spending way too much money

-If you are not sure which stylist you want to go with, book appointments with each of them right away. Maybe have them do your hair for a night out. Choose the stylist that not only does the best job with your hair, but also has the best personality to fit your needs.  You don’t want to clash with your stylist.  This will just add more stress

-When you go for your trial, try to book your dress fitting for the same day.  This way you can view the hair with the dress!

- Bring more than one picture!  Don’t just fall in love with one “updo” You might be very disappointed when the stylist tells you your hair is too short, long, thick, course, thin…etc to handle the style. A good stylist will be able to look at several of your favorite hair pictures and take pieces of each to create the best style for you!


So those are some tips that I hope will help with planning out your wedding hair!  Still don’t have a stylist? Why not let me do your hair!? Visit my site at

Style Edition

Keyword: Oscars, Emma Stone

Did you check out her winged liner?! Ugh…love it!  And her beautifully, swept bun pulled off her look.  Emma Stone is a winner in my book!


I am obsessed with Rooney Mara’s lips.  They are the perfect shade of matte red. I love the simplicity of the eye make-up. It really draws you to her blue/green eyes.


Berenice Bejo was rockin’ a braid and she is now my best friend! Haha Seriously though, loved this style. Braids are so intricate, and then the back is just so simple. It compliments itself nicely.


Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow…is that a bob, or a pony tail? She pulled an optical illusion here. From the front it looks as if she’s got a sexy, sleek bob. From the back, it’s a simple, classic pony! And, her earthy make-up really accents her natural beauty! PS- Loved her cape!


Don’t forget to check out weFASHIONny for all the best and worst dressed :)



Showing some ‘style’ love!

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It’s time to send a special shout-out to my friend over at wePRIDEny! Happy Birthday Erinn!  I hope your day is filled with all things rainbows! Everyone here on the weSTYLEny team wishes you the best! Thanks for keeping everyone updated on all things LGBTQ!  We love you!


I’m sure if Debbie knew it was your birthday, she would be sending you a special shout-out too! ;)

Are you serious with this?

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Brenda, huh?  Wonder if Brenda is still in the picture.  If someone got a tattoo like this with my name I’d probably leave just to point and laugh and say “haha, now you’re stuck with that tattoo!”  How many times do you really need someone’s name on your back?