Holy makeup!

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Now THAT’S what I call a makeup collection!  Imagine organizing this?  This reminds me of some makeup artists who never setup prior to starting a job, they just have this big messy bag of makeup that they have to sift through in order to find their next product.


I hate that!   Be professional, set yourself up so that you can get that bride out of your chair and on her way as efficiently as possible.  The Bride has a million things to do on her big day, so make her life a little easier knowing that she has an organized and professional stylist working on her look.

Dry shampoo is a quick fix

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It’s Thursday morning, the work week has been long and tiresome, your alarm goes off but you keep hitting snooze.  You finally pop out of bed with a mere 15 minutes to get ready for work! There’s no time to wash that hair of yours…not to mention blow drying.  But it’s hair wash day and in the course of your sleep, your hair managed to create enough oil to fill your husbands truck.  No need to worry!  Go pick yourself up some dry shampoo. Almost every product line makes their own. Some come in colors to match your hair, others come with fragrance…it’s your preference. Essentially they all do the same thing.  Either you sprinkle, or you spray the powdered shampoo onto your hair…concentrating mostly on the roots where most of the oils lay.  Brush it through…and bam!  Clean, non-oily hair in just 2-3 minutes.  Now, we all know it is not healthy to wash your hair every day, but there are some ladies out there…men too I suppose, who don’t feel they can ‘not’ wash their hair.  This is a great alternative. The dry shampoos don’t strip your hair like the normal shampoos do. So try this and see if you can get yourself into a routine of only doing a real wash every other day.


The photo above advertises the brand ‘Girlz Only’  I listed this one because of the difference fragrances it offers. But if there is a specific brand of hair products you like, then I suggest giving theirs a shot.

My, what beautiful bangs you have there sir

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Every time I cut my fiancees hair, as soon as I’m done he starts complaining about his receding hair line-  he doesn’t have a receding hair line, but he just loves busting my chops. I’m posting this today so that he can see if/when he does start to recede, he has plenty of options he can go with to make him still look, uhhhh, grreeeaaat!

One of the best tutorials I have seen!

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Really good makeup tutorials are hard to come by on youtube.  It’s not really because of the makeup artist, but because it is hard to see what people are actually doing in a video.  This tutorial is really easy to follow though and it’s nice a clear and close up.  ELF cosmetics are used throughout this video (they have some great palettes) I like that she is to the point.  She doesn’t stop to talk between steps.  It’s a really beautiful look too!  Perfect for what is left of spring (only a few days left!!) and really great for summer too!  Try the same technique using different colors! Oranges are really hot this season!!


Wasn’t that a great way to kick off the weekend? I mean what is better than a really great makeup tutorial?!


I hope you all have a great weekend!  And don’t forget to come see me in ‘The Marvelous Wonderettes’ this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale!! 

 There’s an App for that

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Whooooaaa!  someone get Jenn Taylor some Benadryl, STAT!


dailymail reported on this woman who broke out in a horrible rash from the protective case she had on her iPhone. Living in Liverpool, Jenn noticed a distinct phone shaped rash appear on the right side of her face.  After antihistamines failed to do the trick, she rushed to the hospital the following morning, waking up with her eye nearly swollen shut,  barely able to swallow, and proud owner of 13 new skin allergies.


Okay now on a more serious note,  I think at this point, it’s much easier to just go case-free and buy a new iPhone every time you drop it, right?   Red rash all over your body VS spending your life savings on replacing broken iPhones…


Pretty simple choice in my book.


Jenn Taylor seems pretty composed as I was reading through the interview-  Saying she contacted Griffin, the phone case manufacturer, as well as Apple, and neither have responded.    Uhhhhhhh what?  I have a red rash covering 60% of my body and I can’t walk out of my house without having an allergic reaction: you better believe whoever is running Apple nowadays(rip steve jobs) is gonna answer my phone call.



Thought we were due for this

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Time for some funny hair!  And where better to go to get a few laughs, then right here on your favorite blog site ;)  I’m a big fan of this guy here. Matching the tattoo to the hair…good job guy!



I’m hoping this guy was in the process of shaving his head and decided to snap this before finishing.

This is the BEST mohawk I have ever seen in my life, and this guy knows it too!  Look at that smile.



And for our last photo, it had to be the adorable little baby! Babies are cute, babies with funny hair are even cuter!

This is serious!

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This is some serious hair!  That must be like extra, extra, extra strength hair spray! I bet a lot of teasing and spraying went into this!