Perfect messy bun

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Isn’t this a beautiful messy bun? This is a great beach wedding look! I just love it!

Do you feel guilty?

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The bond between a hair stylist and their clients can be very strong sometimes. We try to keep a business professional relationship with all our clients but when we hear about so much of their personal lives it’s hard not to make a connection with some of them. I know there are plenty of my clients out there that would consider me a “friend” to a certain extent. I am told on a regular basis “I will NEVER go to anyone else but you!”  While that is extremely flattering, I always take it with a grain of salt.  There are so many reasons why a client might have to see another stylist. It doesn’t always mean they like someone else better. In fact, if I am unable to take a client when they are in need of having their hair done, I have a good friend who I always refer them to. I’m not threatened. I don’t get offended if one of my regulars comes in and I notice their last cut was not by me. I don’t take walk-ins, so I understand there are going to be those clients that need something last minute and will need to go somewhere else for a quick service. I never make my clients feel guilty for doing so.  I would prefer them to wait if they can, but I understand the busy-ness of peoples lives. Personally, I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you “cheat” on your hairdresser.

Twitter just makes life wonderful, doesn’t it?

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I don’t know how many of you out there use Twitter, for those that don’t beware: it can distract you at any given time of the day, and keep you sucked in for 10-20 minutes at a time.  There are times when I am writing an article, click over to Twitter to see what’s going on, and find myself 20 minutes later watching youtube videos of baby monkeys riding ontop of dogs… the internet is craaaaaazy!!!



Any, the reason for my Twitter story is because while on one of  my random space-outs, I landed on a copy of a picture introducing Zooey Deschanel to the Pantene family.   I happen to love Zooey Deschanel, she’s funny, pretty, and perfectly dorky.  I don’t watch her show, New Girl, but everyone I talk to says it’s awesome.  I keep telling myself I want to start watching it, but never remember to DVR it the next time I’m home.



Zooey is following in the footsteps of Pantene faces of the past: Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts. Zooey shared that being a Pantene girl was always a childhood dream of hers.   I think she is going to bring a fun new look to some of the Pantene ads coming our way. They’re always so sleek and sexy and mysterious-   and now I feel like Zooeys personality is just going to turn everything fun and quirky,  at least that’s how I’m hoping this all works out.


Chipped polish is a ‘no’ in my book!

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Welcome back to Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Monday is always a bummer, I know…but if you can get through today you are one step closer to NEXT weekend!!


Now on to my topic-

Back in my  Jr. high/early high school days is was the popular thing to be kind of grungy.  It was the cool thing to paint your nails a dark color and pick it off immediately. Not all of it though…it had to look like you painted your nails a month ago and never got around to giving yourself another manicure.  Today, however-this is not so cool!  If you can’t keep up with your manicures then don’t paint them with color.  Do a clear coat and it will go unnoticed if you haven’t touched them up in a few weeks.  You could be all prim and proper, have on nice business attire or a fashionable outfit to go out in…but if your nail nail polish is all chipped off if could ruin your whole look!  Don’t be one of these people!

No ‘mother of the year’ awards here!

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When watching this I actually got heated and quite upset over what this mother is feeding into her daughters head. Sarah Burge, also known as ‘Human Barbie’ has had so many plastic surgeries I can’t even count. But now she thinks it’s okay to give vouchers to her 7 year old daughter to recieve her very own cosmetic surgeries??!  She has been given vouchers for both breast implants and liposuction that she is able to use at the age of 18 if she chooses to. Does anyone else find this appalling?  First of all, the mother looks nothing like any of the Barbie dolls I played with as a kid!  What kind of message are you sending your child by doing this? She’s a beautiful little girl…Let her BE a beautiful little girl! Don’t give her the thought processes that she is going to be ugly and need work done when she is older! It’s just absolutely awful!


I would love to know your thoughts on this!!

She’s Engaged!!

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I have to send a special shout out to my two friends, Greg and Dana!  They got engaged on Easter and I couldn’t be more excited!  Dana runs her very own make-up blog called Makeup Majesty. You should definitely check it out. She has worked on cosmetics for years, so she knows what she is talking about!! Greg and I have been buddies from high school. I am so happy for the two of them and look forward to sharing some wedding planning ideas with the beautiful new fiance ;)

Here’s wishing all the best to you both! xoxox

(and make sure to check out her blog!)

A look back on the ladies of Wisteria Lane

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The ladies of Wisteria Lane spent 8 years with us and this Sunday we all said “goodbye”. Since the show was such a big part of my TV schedule, I thought I would honor them by showing off how each of them has changed through the years. Not only have we watched them change husbands, have kids, switch jobs…etc, but we have also gotten to see their looks change with every season.  Take a look how each one of these beautiful ladies has gracefully aged right in front of the camera! Full Story »