Cuts, burns, chapped lips, & shaving!!


Keyword: neosporin, chapped lips, shaving, chapstick

With the start of the cold air comes one thing I hate- chapped lips!!  Okay, okay, I also hate shoveling snow, being cold, having to wear bulky jackets, ice on my windshield…I could go on and on, but lets stick to chapped lips, shall we??  I always struggle with finding a chapstick that actually does a good job. I feel like all I do is keep reapplying and it gets me nowhere. Well, for those of you battling the same war try picking up both the Daily Hydration Therapy and the Overnight Renewal Therapy from Neosporin’s Lip Health line. It says you will see results within 3 days but I saw it almost instantly.  I love that the daily one has spf 20 in it!  That is so important!


Don’t laugh, but this is what I use instead of soap or shaving cream. I’m serious!  Okay, it can get a little messy and I have to use the throw away razors because can really get all gunked up, but this stuff is awesome. Hello!!!…it’s for minor cuts and burns. Isn’t that what razor burn is?? Next time you are going to shave your legs….or your bikini area…try this!  Seriously!

I miss his hair already!

Keyword: Robert Pattinson, shaved head, hair, Twilight

While I am not a ‘Twilight’ fan, I can still appreciate a good looking guy…and more importantly a good looking head of hair. But Robert Pattinson is not longer either of these (at least in my opinion)  Apparently I guess I only thought his hair was hot because now that he shaved it, I don’t find him the least bit attractive! Grow it back Robert, grow it back!




Beautiful waves for summer

Keyword: hot tools, deep waver, wavy hair

I know what you are thinking….another video?!  What can I say, I am video crazy today! haha.  I guess I’m just having one of those “addicted to youtube” days.  Why I haven’t posted about this tool before is beyond me. I LOVE this tool!  I am a big Hot Tools fan and when they came out with this, I bought it immediately.  The deep waver works perfect to get those beachy, sexy waves.  It’s really super simple to use too! Watch how easily this girl does her hair and how cute it looks when she is done!


She is right though, the tip does get super hot to be careful not to burn yourself!

Would you get a bird poop facial?

Keyword: bird poop, facial, new york spa

Okay, this is gross!  Apparently there is a spa in New York City that uses bird poop as one of the ingredients in a facial! Shizuka New York Day Spa in Midtown calls this the Geisha Facial.  The facial is said to have enzymes  in it that break down dead skin cells. The cost to have bird poop smeared over you face? $180!!

Who would do such a thing?  Well Tom Cruise has been reported having this kind of facial.  I think I’ll stick to my regular green mask for now!!

I’m intrigued

Keyword: keratin, comb

This might be just what I need to keep the static down! Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Comb Collection is a comb that is  infused with Keratin protein and a special blend of argan and olive oils. This is supposed to have the same effect as using a spray keratin or oil on your hair, without getting the residue all over your hands.  According to ‘Modern Salon’, “The two oils helps hydrate and repair damaged hair, while smoothing the hair cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. The keratin improves strength, shine and manageability, while reducing frizz. Each of these combs are ergonomically designed to glide through the hair easily.”  It’s a genius idea, but how long does the stuf stay on the comb for?


The new Miss USA winner

Keyword: miss usa, beauty pageant, contest

Last night in Las Vegas was the Miss USA Pageant and the winner was beautiful Olivia Culpo from the pint sized state of Rhode Island!

Fourth Runner-Up: Miss Georgia

Third Runner-Up: Miss Nevada

Second Runner-Up: Miss Ohio

First Runner-Up: Miss Maryland

Olivia will represent the United States at the 61st Miss Universe pageant. An American has not been named Miss Universe since Brook Lee won the title in 1997. Let’s go Rhode Island!!!


And I don’t mean nails with chicks on them!

Keyword: duck nails, fake nails, wide nails

Are these the nails of our future?  If so, I want no part in it!  ’Duck nails’ seem to be making a name for themselves with the younger crowd. Personally, I don’t see the draw to them. Is it just so you have more room for decorating?


It’s like her nail polish threw up all over her fingers.  Here is a good question…when wearing nails like this, how do you get a ring on your finger? It’s impossible, right? I seriously hope this is one of those short lived trends we can all laugh about in a month or two. I just dont see how these are practical in any way. Am I starting to sound old? haha