What is that thing!?!? and why would she put herself through that?

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Whoa whoa whoa!  What the heck was Lil Kim thinking stepping out in public looking like this?!   These pictures were all over the web this weekend and a friend of mine had asked if I’d seen the disaster that is now known as Lil Kims face.   Immediately I said no, well because,  I don’t listen to rap music and can’t say I would have been able to pick Lil Kim out of a lineup before seeing these pictures.



And then this picture came up on my phone, and I almost dropped it in shock/fear!   What the heck happened here?  Don’t rich celebrities only trust their precious money makers with the best of the best of the best doctors on LA?  Her face literally looks like she paid some sketchy $20 in the basement of some shady apartment to pump her face full of plastic, smack her on her butt and send her on her way to the red carpet.



Take care of your skin ladies! moisturize, sunscreen, get your beauty rest.  Most importantly, if you’re going to have work done, make sure you spend the extra money it costs to find yourself an excellent doctor that has a known history of successful surgeries under his/her belt.  You don’t want your face looking like this!

Sorry iPhone users! Our web guy is on the case

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Our reader Jessica tipped us off to the fact that the site is loading all weird on her iPhone, so I went and checked for myself, and sure enough! it’s all jumbled together, and for some reason there is a wePUCKny logo plastered behind my Headlines (if you watch hockey, get your butt over to that site).


Technical problems happen all the time with websites, that’s why as soon as I was asked to write for this company and not have to stress over that stuff, I jumped on it immediately-   do you have any idea how much of a headache it is managing your own blog    I don’t get any of the technical stuff!  I just want to talk about Hair and Makeup and share my random thoughts of confusion about stuff like Amber Rose!



Thanks for the tip Jess!   Still such a cool feeling to know people all over the world are checking my site to listen to my craziness everyday!

Loooooove you all! Don’t forget, you can reach me just like Jess did: jill@westyleny.com

p.s. I think it’s time to give that iPhone a little bit of a charge, don’t ya think?


Farewell to this season of TTO

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The season of Tabatha Takes Over is now over and we are all so sad.  I mean, who doesn’t love to watch Tabatha and her tough love attitude help businesses stay afloat? Aside from being a great stylist, she is a great entrepreneur and a really wonderful mentor and role model for all!  And what is most important, she is so down to earth.  Every week she sits online to answer questions and tweets with her fans in what she calls “date night”  She truly is an amazing woman. I mean, how many celebs out there would post a video of them in their pjs, sitting in bed…thanking their fans for everything? (PS- her hair even looks good in bed!)

Tabatha, we will miss our date nights.  Thank your for all the inspiration you have given to all of us, and congrats on all your success.

I couldn’t not share this

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Thank you to beautyandmakeupblog for sharing this on FB today.  I just couldn’t not also share it!  We all love the braided fish tail look. In fact it’s the next thing I have to learn to do now that I have mastered braiding. But how cool is this look for your finger nails?

The top picture is easy enough to follow.  You need three colors to choose from to create it. You probably could do more but it might be overwhelming. Best part is that you don’t have to have a steady hand because your lines do not need to be perfect.  You’ll be covering your imperfections with the next color.

Sooooo much fun, and I love how they only did the ring finger design.  I must try this!

Make sure you read the fine print!

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As you may or may not know, I work ALOT of weddings!! When a wedding party is too big for me to handle, I call in my good friend, Dusti, who also has her own business and we split the bridal party in half.  It’s a great deal for us as we are able to book more weddings that way.  This article is to warn all brides to make sure you read your contracts!


Most hair dressers and/or make-up artists that you hire will make you sign a contract.  Some will also ask for a downpayment as well.  What is usually included in these contracts, you ask?

-start time, location, and end time of event

-number of clients


-directions/instructions for bridal party to follow

I cannot stress enough how important it is to read these contracts and understand them in their entirety.  Recently Dusti and I worked a wedding where one of the bridesmaids decided last minute not to have her hair done, none of the bridesmaids were on time, and we ran an hour over schedule.  If the bride read what she signed she would have known that the bridesmaids hair still needed to be paid for as it was not changed 30 days before the event; and she ended up being charged for running over the scheduled time due to her girls not arriving when they were supposed to.  Nothing irks us more than getting to a job on time and sitting there twiddling our thumbs til people actually show up.  As a bridesmaid, your job isn’t hard…show up, and sit in a chair for 45 mins while someone plays with your hair.

We also put in the contract that all girls having their hair done should wash their hair the night before.  All stylists know that hair like this will hold better.  When it is too clean the curls tend to droop quicker. It is not our responsibility if your hair doesn’t hold because you didn’t follow directions.


These are just instructions listed in my personal contract.  Each stylist will have their own list. Some might charge more if a girls hair is thicker or longer, or  some might leave when the scheduled time arrives whether they are done, or not.  This is why is it extremely important to READ the contracts.  The last thing you want is a surprise on your big day. Read it over, talk with your girls and explain how it is going to work the morning of your wedding. It will be much less stressful for you in the end!

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

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BehindTheChair.com shared this photo yesterday and I thought I would pass it along.  I know they say that you should try to match your eyebrows to your hair, but this takes it to a whole new level, don’t you think? Have you ever seen pink brows before?  I haven’t!  Is it weird that I don’t think it looks that bad!?

Are we THAT lazy?


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As a make-up artist I find this to be a little silly. I know there are women out there who are clueless when it comes to make-up, but is this really the solution? Are we THAT lazy that we can’t take the time to learn how to sweep three shades of shadow across our lids separately? I picked up this product recently when shopping for a make-up event I was hosting for my dedicated clients. When I saw it, I just had to try it. In my mind I was thinking “this will never work!”  Sure enough, I got it home and handed it to my sister who is not quite as handy when it comes to make-up as myself…that’s being kind (love you!)  Was the product terrible?….ehhh I can’t say “terrible”, but it’s far from worth it! Not everyone’s eye shape and lid are the same so how do you expect this to be universal? The bottom, darkest shade should cover most of the lid and this looks more like liner. The highlight should be just under the brow…on my sister it landed more in the crease! The shadow alone is fine. If you used an eye shadow brush to apply each layer yourself, the pigments are pretty decent, but the gimmick just doesn’t work. Sorry L’Oreal…nice try!