A mirror for all you tech geeks out there!


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I thought I would kick off the start of a new week with something that would make you say “I want that!” Now, I’m a Mac girl.  No PC’s over here!! I made the switch last Christmas when I received my first Macbook as a gift from the fiance (then boyfriend!). Soon after, I went from Blackberry to iPhone. So when I saw this, I got all excited! Seriously!  Here I am, Sunday night, browsing for some fresh ideas to write about, and this pops on the screen.  I actually got out of my cozy bed, laptop in hand, just to show my fiance how cute this little mirror is!   Full Story »

More cutting power

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Whoa!!  This is a serious hair cutting tool, huh?  According to Washi, this three blade shear creates three times the cutting power. Your hair cuts will definitely go quicker with this guy. Imagine point cutting? You’ll be done in no time with this beauty! It all snaps together so you can have your choice of blades. Check out Washi’s website for more interesting tools!

Season 2 premier this Sunday!

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There is no one out there as excited as I am about this premier. I never read the comic book because I was not a comic book fan growing up, but when someone told me last year that I had to tune into AMC to see this new show about zombies…I almost peed my pants out of excitement. I think I watched the first episode with my mouth hanging open, sitting on the edge of my seat. The first season is like a tease. Only 6 episodes. But those 6 episodes were jam packed with some of the most inspiring make-up I have ever seen!! Award winning make-up artist Greg Nicotero did not hold back when creating these flesh eating creatures. He even took home an Emmy for his work on season 1. The blood, and guts, and gore is breath taking (call me crazy!). They even made a short story webisode dedicated to my favorite zombie featured in the first episode of season 1. You can check it out at AMC’s website. Nicotero nailed it with every prosthetic and effect used in this series. It’s artist like him that keep me motivated and inspired to some day create something as awesome as the photos above. I cannot wait to see what season 2 has in store. Tune into AMC this Sunday, October 16 9/8c for the Walking Dead season 2 premier. Do NOT miss it!!

Pastel lips are in for the spring

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I posted about the pastel hair on Friday, that trend I love.  But lips? Hmmm….how do I feel about pastel lips?


Surprisingly, I love this too! So much fun!! What a great excuse to get out of the same reds and pinks and try something new!  I love the pastel purple!


So maybe I’m not such a fan of the guy in yellow.  Guys wearing lipstick is weird…..guys wearing yellow lipstick is even weirder.  I do like that green though. Looks like artists are keeping a very natural face when using these types of colors on the lips. I guess that makes sense.  It would probably be too much to see a bold eye with blue lipstick!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this look!  Send us a message in the message box on the right, or comment below! :)

Do you have this problem?

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I am lucky enough (as of now) not to have this problem. But I do have plenty of friends out there who do wear glasses and I hear them complain all the time how they don’t know how to wear make-up that will define their eyes through the frames.



I really enjoyed this tutorial because she focused on the lower lash line since its difficult to do too much to the upper lash line with the glasses being in the way.  Also, I think she is smart to apply the blush with her glasses on. Over-all, I give this look two thumbs up and I hope all my glasses wearing fans agree! :)

All you have to spend is $15

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ELF Cosmetics is celebrating their 8th birthday so they have all kinds of sales and promotions going on.  Today they are advertising free shipping on orders $15 or more. So what do I suggest picking up?


The 144-piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette is $15! Hellooooo? How could you NOT by that? You save yourself almost $7 by not having to pay for shipping.  Do I recommend this palette for professional makeup jobs? No, the pigment isn’t as good as other brands that are more expensive, but it is an awesome palette to have for yourself for every day use! just think of all the endless creations you can create on your lids every day with all these colors!

Frustration of a hairstylist

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In looking for a picture for my last article, I cam across this video.  I guess it is one of those websites that you can pick a character and then type what you want them to say.  This one had me chuckling though. How often do we get clients in asking for this exact thing.  They want everything opposite of what their hair does, but don’t want to put any work into it. Haha  I love when she tells him to just shave his head!