A look into how gracefully Betty White has aged

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At 28 years old, Betty White was a stunning brunette co-hosting a show called “Hollywood” for 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. In 1950 she was nominated for her first Emmy Award…thus creating the ever so popular Betty White we all know and love today!

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Is that Rainbow Brite?

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Stumbled upon this on FB last night.  Now THAT is a lot of colors!!  You almost don’t know where to look!!

No make-up day for “The Snooks”

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So where is the spray tan? Where is the piled on make-up and the orange bronzer?  Snookie went for a no-makeup look on Wednesday and wasn’t afraid to post pictures on her Twitter! The girl who once claimed to not even step into a gym without make-up is starting to mature before our very own eyes. I personally think this is a wonderful look for her.  I’m surprised to see that there is a natural beauty under all that junk she puts on her face. Her Twitter fans seem to agree!  Maybe we will start seeing a softer side to Snookie….

Welcome to the weekend!

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It’s my second favorite day of the week!  FRIDAY has finally arrived! There is so much going on this weekend, I am not even sure where to begin!


First off, I have a makeup trial tonight with one of my older brothers friends from high school.  This is very exciting for me. My brother is 6 years older than me. I can remember the days when I thought him and his friends were so cool. They were in high school and here I was, this twerpy little elementary school kid. I can remember always trying to spy and sneak down stairs to hang out with them!  So I feel extra honored that I was asked to do her makeup. I know she is going to look beautiful on her big day!


Fast forward to Saturday…the day I get to work a wedding that I am probably going to be super emotional for!  My little sisters best friend from elementary school is getting married!  Not only do I have the privilege to do her hair, but I will be attending the wedding as well. It’s so unbelievable how fast time goes. And my heart is filled with so much joy that I get to make her feel even more special on her wedding day!  Tomorrow is a day I look forward to very much!

But of course, we cannot forget about Mothers Day! I hope your got your mom something very special! I am excited to give my mom her gift.  I just know she will love it!!


Happy Weekend to all, and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there….including mine!!

You’re never too old

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This might not have much to do with hair, or make-up, or styling…but you know me.  Sometimes I come across something that I just feel I have to share. This video was so unbelievably inspiring. I have tears in my eyes still just from thinking about it. It truly is never too late to make a commitment to the one that you love. I really hope you all take out of this exactly what I did. Love can come at any age…embrace it!  <3

The living sea!

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Last weeks episode of SYFY’s ‘Face-Off’ was probably one of the most interesting episodes between last season, and this season….and we are only on episode 2.  The contestants were given a challenge to bring sea creatures to life but the kick was that all make-up had to hold up underwater!  They were put into teams of two and got to work right away! Immediately drama beings, as expected of reality tv otherwise we wouldn’t watch it, would we?

While most of the creatures were pretty spectacular, there were two that just didn’t make the grade what-so-ever and in fact it was embarrassing to watch! Ian and RJ decided to create a shark and thought it would be funny to put him in a suit and call him a “lawyer”. As soon as they came up with the idea I knew it was a bad one.  They took the easy way out here.  Everyone else spent time on full body make-up and these guys dressed their model in a suit. For this concept to work, the make-up they DID do should have been absolutely amazing…and it wasn’t. Their biggest down fall = not sewing the clothing down.  As soon as their model jumped into the water, his whole jacket and shirt went up and covered his face, exposing his unmade-up body.  I was shaking my head the whole time watching this.

I had higher hopes for Jerry and Nix. One is known for his painting skills, the other had been doing FX make-up for like 40 years or so. When their turtle stepped out on stage I thought I was at an amusement park for kids. I could see children lining up to take pictures with the cool cartoon-like turtle!  This is NOT the way to impress the judges. It only got worse from there!  When he jumped into the water, he couldn’t seem to get his barrings and when he finally did, his shell almost completely came off.  It was such a disaster! In the end, this duo was rated the worst out of all of them…and with good reason!


I really hope to see more from these contestants. They have a lot to prove after this episode!

Interesting take on a blow dryer


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Talk about a cool way to blow out your clients hair! The Pistol Hair Gun has three settings, uses 1000W and weights just 345g. It even comes with an awesome case. Imagine whipping this out for the first time when it’s time for a blow out. I bet your client would be shaking in her pants for a moment! Unfortunately, the only place I have been able to find it is on www.bathroomgraffiti.com which is all in French! Bonne chance a mon collegue stylistes.