Supporting Breast Cancer Research!


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Last Sunday Ultas all over hosted a special Cut-a-Thon to help raise money for breast cancer research. From  11am-6pm they opened the floor to anyone willing to donate $10. You didn’t even need an appointment.  Just walk in and donate $10 and receive your fresh new cut! According to some FB comments I have been reading, the lines were out the door. Lot’s of complaints that people either had to wait too long, or were told they weren’t taking any more since they were too booked. It’s sad to me that people were complaining about this. I think we should all be thrilled that they seemed to have a great turn out. I am sure they raised a good chunk of change…and that was the whole point to the event. My guess is that most people weren’t going there to support breast cancer awareness, but rather for the $10 haircut. Very sad! I wish I had known about this sooner as I would have helped promote it, and maybe gone down for my very own haircut! If you missed this event but would still like to donate, they are still doing their “donate a kiss”. For $1 you get to put a kiss on their wall! So go kiss away, my friends!!

Can you please stop moving your head?

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All stylist have at least one of these clients in their list of regulars. Whether you are a makeup artist, or a hairdresser it’s annoying as hell!  I have no issues with clients yapping away about their lives, but if you’re an animated talker then we have a problem.  How many times ‘can you keep your head still’ comes out of my mouth is countless!

How am I supposed to do my job with a head that bounces around like a bobble head? So what do I do in this situation?  Nothing!!  I ask them to stop moving.  I try to position their head to where I want it.  I tell them I can’t cut their hair with them moving their head around…but it doesn’t stop. So I finish my job and pray I gave them a decent haircut.  Then I have anxiety the next time they come in because I know what I am about to deal with. :)

Her face is like the 9th wonder of the world to me, I just don’t get it

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Okay, let me state my case first to clear the air.  I 100% believe JWoww gets some sort of work done to her face- I stare at peoples faces all day long cutting hair and applying makeup;  I know when something has lost its natural glow.    The thing that throws me off is that no matter how many pictures are taken, no matter how many accusations are made,  JWoww still denies getting any work done to her face.



I’m not picking on the girl- I have girlfriends and clients who say they will certainly be relying on the magic touch of a Doctor as they get older to ensure their face stays prim and proper for as long as they can,  I’m not judging anyone in that department.  My beef is with JWoww and her denial that she’s 100% all natural.



JWoww and Snooki stopped by the Z100 Morning Show this morning to talk about rumors, pregnancy, Jersey Shore, and their own tv Show, Snooki & JWoww.   I actually sat through the whole interview-  I don’t mind them in that environment, I admit I was a big Jersey Shore fan, my fiancee and I used to watch it every Sunday night,  but I think the whole fad is over with now.   It was nice to see these two ladies sober, relaxed, funny and extremely personable throughout the entire interview.



It can do so much more than just straighten

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I couldn’t NOT share this with you all.  For those of you who thought that a flat iron was just for straightening…you are about to be proven wrong.  Lots of people, including myself will use to curl hair too (I do it mostly because I’m too lazy to grab my curling iron), but there are so many more ways to use it.


I think the part at 2:09 was my favorite…meow! ;)


I love what he did using the bobbi pins.  I wish I had thought of some of these tricks! haha

Show us your ink!

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and people are coming up with many more ways to stand out from the crowd with unique ideas and placement.  These next photos show the best, and the worst of tattoos for stylists of all kinds!


This one is awful.  A skull between her cleavage?! Not to mention the fact that it looks like she tried to cram as much stuff onto her chest as possible!  How embarrassing!


This one I really like, I just wish the artist did a cleaner, steadier job on it.  But the concept is cool.


I’m not sure I would ever want a pink, leopard blow dryer tattooed on me. Especially if it’s a terrible drawing of it like this one..


This one is my favorite. The artist did a great job and I love the blood splatters. The font of the writing is great too! This was a well thought out tattoo…bravo!

Nail art that makes me hungry!

Keyword: bacon nails, nail art, breakfast nails

I’m just going to stick with the food theme today…it seems to be working for me.  It also seems to be making me hungry! If you are a nail biter, I would suggest staying away from these nails as you might be tempted to keep chewing!  I love bacon and eggs.  Who would have thought they would make for a great manicure too?  It seems simple to recreate and you don’t have to have a steady hand either!


What other fun food nails can you come up with?

New Make-up Line

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Marilyn Monroe will always be a fashion/beauty icon. So, it’s only right that someone is FINALLY putting out a make-up line to honor this blonde bombshell! MAC is releasing a Marilyn inspired 30 piece limited edition make-up line. The line will include eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye liners and is due out in October 2012.


It’s actually surprising to me that it took this long for someone to do this. I can’t think of a better way to honor Miss Monroe than her very own make-up line. I only wish I thought of the idea myself haha