Sorry iPhone users! Our web guy is on the case

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Our reader Jessica tipped us off to the fact that the site is loading all weird on her iPhone, so I went and checked for myself, and sure enough! it’s all jumbled together, and for some reason there is a wePUCKny logo plastered behind my Headlines (if you watch hockey, get your butt over to that site).


Technical problems happen all the time with websites, that’s why as soon as I was asked to write for this company and not have to stress over that stuff, I jumped on it immediately-   do you have any idea how much of a headache it is managing your own blog    I don’t get any of the technical stuff!  I just want to talk about Hair and Makeup and share my random thoughts of confusion about stuff like Amber Rose!



Thanks for the tip Jess!   Still such a cool feeling to know people all over the world are checking my site to listen to my craziness everyday!

Loooooove you all! Don’t forget, you can reach me just like Jess did:

p.s. I think it’s time to give that iPhone a little bit of a charge, don’t ya think?


Britney still has yet to kick her terrible habit

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Dailymail brings to light the fact that Britney Spears arrival to the X-Factor screen might not have been as easy going and celebratory as we might have guessed.  Pictures of Britneys (disgusting) nails made their way online today.    Honestly, I didn’t even need any other website to break this story-  if I would have seen these sad excuse for nails first, I would have been all over this story.



Just gross.  You’re a living icon(whether we still want to credit her for it or not), you just signed a $15 million deal, you know you’re going on national television to announce the news- how is getting a manicure not one of the first things you do?   And that’s not me being too girly- I’m sure 99% of my readers out there agree with me-  My nails are a part of me, they represent who I am.  Never in my life would I be caught dead walking around with these things at the tips of my fingers, let alone accepting a life-changing opportunity on national television.



Oooh Brittany, you were one of my idols growing up-  I had posters, bought every CD, memorized every word of every song, you were beautiful, you were a role model-  and now… now you’re just a big pile of blah.  Have some faith in yourself darling, you’re still an international celebrity with the world at your fingertips; your ugly, unmanicured fingertips.

Happy Birthday!

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Yesterday marked the 29th birthday of the infamous Nicki Minaj. The young rapper/singer has never fallen short of impressing us with her style, so please enjoy this collage of photos of all the unique looks she has inspired us with!



Hope my fans have a great weekend!  See you all back here on Monday with fresh new articles just for you! ;)


Most makeovers in 24 hours!

Keyword: ulta beauty, good morning america, Guinness world record

Congratulations to the Ulta Beauty Team, Lucky Magazine and the staff at Good Morning America!  They made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with the most makeovers in 24 hours!


The competition kicked off Tuesday morning where a team of 5 artists in heels went to work! After 3 hours, the heels came off!  haha! There were 9 steps that the artist needed to follow for each makeover in order to  qualify for the world record-

1- Concealer

2- Foundation

3- Powder

4- Blush or Bronzer

5- Eye shadow (2)

6- Eyeliner

7- Mascara

8- Lip liner

9- Lipstick

By midnight they had 300 makeovers under their belt and they were still going strong!


So what was the total number after 24 hours? 378 makeovers!  Now THAT is impressive! Congrats to all who were involved!  Wonder how long it takes for someone else to break this record!

We love when people do good deeds

Keyword: cancer, wigs, jewel hair design

Whenever I hear of a local business helping to give back, it just makes me all giddy inside.  It’s such a wonderful thing when people go out of their way to help others who are in need.  So when I saw this on Facebook I knew I had to give my praise!


Jewel Hair Design is a company working mostly out of the Virginia, DC, Maryland area (I know, this is a NY site, but it says they will travel nationwide!!!) They offer on site hair design for  whatever your needs are. They have also recently started making their own hair accessories available on ETSY.

The reason they caught my attention today was because they posted about an amazing thing they are doing. They have commited to giving $1.00 to the every time they get a new fan on Facebook, and they share this info with friends by tagging them in a post. is a site dedicated to making the world a better place. It covers all kinds of donations, including wigs for women battling cancer. You have until Christmas Day to be a part of this, and it’s so simple to do!  Just click here for their site and the rest is easy as pie!

Westyle is always excited to share news like this, so if you know of any other local businesses/salons/hairdressers…etc who go that extra step to do something special like this, please let us know so we can feature them on our site!

Champagne & Caviar Nails

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I saw this posted on last night and I knew it was the first thing I had to write about this morning. These are some high class nails! I’ve seen it done before, but this one just seems to stand in a class all it’s own. Good job PYP!



They started by painting their nails half gold and half black. It doesn’t have to be done perfectly since you will be covering it with the beads. Not going to lie though…I think this could be a great look even without the beads.  The black and gold go so well with each other (maybe because it was my high school colors hahaha!)



After they let that dry they used a top coat over the gold and immediately covered it with the gold beads.  Then did the same for the black. The results are pretty cool, don’t you think?


To find out what products they used to create this look, check them out at

More cutting power

Keyword: Washi, shears, triple

Whoa!!  This is a serious hair cutting tool, huh?  According to Washi, this three blade shear creates three times the cutting power. Your hair cuts will definitely go quicker with this guy. Imagine point cutting? You’ll be done in no time with this beauty! It all snaps together so you can have your choice of blades. Check out Washi’s website for more interesting tools!