Rock of Ages star poses for magazine shoot

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I’m just going to say it….I don’t find Tom Cruise attractive.  There, I said it!  It is out in the open!  He’s a nice look guy, I just don’t get all hot and heavy when I see him! Now I can move on.

Though I don’t find him attractive, that doesn’t mean more than half the girls that read my blog don’t.  I know he is rated one of hollywoods hotties so this article is for you!

To get ready for his role in the movie musical ‘Rock of Ages’, Cruise has gone through a major transformation! Long hair, and tattoos covering his whole body!  No, they are not real. Let’s not forget his guy-liner and painted nails!  Here he is posing for the June cover of W Magazine.

To be perfectly honest, Tom has never been more sexy! If he looked like this all the time I might change my mind about him ;) I wonder what Katie Holmes has to say about his new look?

My, what beautiful bangs you have there sir

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Every time I cut my fiancees hair, as soon as I’m done he starts complaining about his receding hair line-  he doesn’t have a receding hair line, but he just loves busting my chops. I’m posting this today so that he can see if/when he does start to recede, he has plenty of options he can go with to make him still look, uhhhh, grreeeaaat!

Do you feel guilty?

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The bond between a hair stylist and their clients can be very strong sometimes. We try to keep a business professional relationship with all our clients but when we hear about so much of their personal lives it’s hard not to make a connection with some of them. I know there are plenty of my clients out there that would consider me a “friend” to a certain extent. I am told on a regular basis “I will NEVER go to anyone else but you!”  While that is extremely flattering, I always take it with a grain of salt.  There are so many reasons why a client might have to see another stylist. It doesn’t always mean they like someone else better. In fact, if I am unable to take a client when they are in need of having their hair done, I have a good friend who I always refer them to. I’m not threatened. I don’t get offended if one of my regulars comes in and I notice their last cut was not by me. I don’t take walk-ins, so I understand there are going to be those clients that need something last minute and will need to go somewhere else for a quick service. I never make my clients feel guilty for doing so.  I would prefer them to wait if they can, but I understand the busy-ness of peoples lives. Personally, I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you “cheat” on your hairdresser.

Brought to you by the letter W

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Sesame Street nails!!!  How fun are these??  I wish I had these growing up….although I don’t see Big Bird and he was my favorite!!!

Romantic butterfly hair

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I just thought this was so clever.  It looks like little butterflies in her hair. All you need are rubberbands to create this look too.  So fun, so cute, so unique!

Luxurious Shadow


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I’ve been wearing golds, and bronze tones for years now…I love the way they shimmer. So I am thrilled to see it become more popular. I use it a lot on my brides. When they say they are very natural when they do their own makeup, and want to look like themselves but with a little more umph, gold is always a great answer!

The best part about the golds is that it looks great with every eye color! I mean, look at those blue babies pop!

Congrats to my cousin

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Congratulations to my cousin, Samantha and my new cousin Ryan on their marriage! Despite the down pour of rain and thunder that began just before the ceremony ended, it was a beautiful wedding!  I have never seen two people smile so much!

Samantha looked absolutely stunning. She decided to wear her hair up since we knew it was either going to be hot as hell, or rain that day.  I think she made an excellent choice.  She had her hair pulled up in curls, the viel sat right under the curls and she softly swept the front back to the side.  I tell you, her hair didn’t move all night!

To the Bride & Groom: I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  I hope you smile every day like it is your wedding day! Ryan- Welcome to the family!!



There is nothing better than to celebrate your happiness and your love with your family!

There is also nothing better than dancing with your 7 year old cousin on the dance floor!!