Don’t forget your sun block!

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Last night while laying in bed, my fiance had the 11pm news on NBC.  This image popped up on the screen and I jumped to pause it.  I knew I had to get a shot of it!


What is this all about you ask?  Meet 69 year old truck driver who has been on the job for 28 years. Never putting sunblock on his face, this is the damage that occurred over the years through his drivers window.  Tell me that this isn’t the perfect example of why it is important to use sun block? You can see that the right side of his face (or the left side of the picture) show signs of natural aging. In fact I would say his skin looks pretty good on that side.  It’s the other side where the sun was hitting for 28 long years that he looks 10x older than he actually is!


The sun can be a very scary thing! But we can help ourselves very simply!  Sun block every day and you are good to go!!

Photoshop taken too far

Keyword: photoshop, Taylor Swift

Proctor & Gamble have pulled this mascara ad featuring Taylor Swift after reports of the photoshop done to lashes being too excessive. I mean when an ad for mascara has to contain, in small print ‘lashes enhanced in post production’, are you really advertising the product in the right way anymore?  How far is too far?

Isn’t it enough to know that Taylor Swift ‘uses’ this mascara brand? I mean that right there will grab peoples attention. Girls all over the place are going to want to buy the product just because they can associate her with it.  Is it really necessary to go above and beyond with the computer after the photo shoot and extend them so much that the ad winds up getting pulled?


Stay tuned, cause our next article will further the “photoshop” conversation!

A bold fall trend


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Red lips are all the rage for this fall! Whether you go matte, shiny, bright or dark…it’s all about making the lips pop with some crimson. When doing this look, it is always important to line the lips first. There is nothing worse than a bleeding red lip. For a red that works for everyone, try Revlons ColorBurst Lipstick in True Red. Some might say that if you are going for a bold lip, keep the eyes more natural. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I’m a risk taker when it comes to make-up. I say do up the eyes WITH the red lip for a glamourous runway look! I would love to hear what your thoughts are though. Feel free to comment and let us know if you’re a bold lip, or bold eye kind of gal….or both! Happy Fall Everyone!!

This is serious!

Keyword: pic of the day, hairspray, big hair

This is some serious hair!  That must be like extra, extra, extra strength hair spray! I bet a lot of teasing and spraying went into this!

Oh…just some good cookin’!


Keyword: food, smell, hair

So it’s your good friends birthday and you get invited out to have some amazing hibachi (Hotoke in Smithtown to be specific! yum!)  You get yourself all dolled up, pick out the perfect outfit and take your time washing your hair and giving yourself an awesome blow out.  Dinner is as amazing as you expected and the show they put on while cooking the food right in front of you makes for a very entertaining night! You have a wonderful night smiling and laughing with friends (while looking awesome, don’t forget!) And then you get home!!  Everything smells!  Not only your clothes, but your hair!  Now, if you are like me, then you don’t wash your hair every day.  So here is my dilemma: My hair looks great.  Remember, I gave myself that awesome blow out earlier!  This should normally last me 2 to 3 days. But now my hair smells like hibachi!!! I don’t want to wash it again for a number of reasons.  One being that every time I wash it, more and more of my pink streaks wash out, and lets not forget the time and effort that goes into the blowout process. Do I really want to do it all again only 4 hours later?  Ugh!  So, I’ve tried the whole spraying perfume in my hair but that never really works.  I always end up rewashing and starting from scratch.  But there has to be a better way, right?  Please, someone tell me that they have a better way to say goodbye to yummy food smells from my hair without having to reshampoo!!  I await your thoughts and ideas….



On a side note, for info on other delicious places to eat, as well as recipes and all things involving food…visit our sister site: WeEatNy

It almost looks painful!

Keyword: eye lashes, longest lashes

I can’t really seem to find any information on this girl. All I can say is that she is plastered all over the internet for having the longest eye lashes in the world.  Whether or not it is real or not, I have no idea…but it is pretty interesting. I wonder how many tubes of mascara she goes through ;)

If you are trying to become famous out if this, I get it. But isn’t it annoying?  How do you see?? Do you have to comb them? What about cleaning? Do you shampoo them in the shower? Do they get greasy like a head of hair does? When you have a fancy event to go to, do you curl them, or put them in an “updo”? I have so many questions, and no one to answer them!! Click ‘more’ to see the rest of the pictures.

If any one has any more information on this girl, please send it to us! Full Story »

 Darth inspired


Keyword: Darth vader, hairdryer



Luke, I am your faaaaather!  Sorry, got a little carried away. Truth is, I am not a Star Wars fan in the least bit. Haven’t even seen any of the movies, nor do I care to. but this blow dryer certain caught my eye! Sorry Star Wars fans, but this dryer is actually only a concept and not actually for sale anywhere. Is a lightsaber curling iron next on the list?