This trend is growing

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This is a pretty big change for this blonde bombshell.  She jumped on the ombre trend by dying her ends a deeper blonde, or a light brown…depending on how you look at it. I think it’s a nice change for her.  She seems to always wear her hair the same way, so sometimes change is good…even if is a slight one.

The ombre trend is really taking off.  I even did a few colors like this over the passed week.  We think these ladies are showing it off with style-

There is no wrong way to achieve this look.  Make it as drastic, or as simplistic as you want! Go crazy, go ombre!!



Try this!

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It was my birthday back in the 7th grade. I was in history class and had the most obnoxious boy who sat behind me. As a lovely gift, he decided it would be funny to put gum in my hair.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the doings of this juvenile delinquent. Needless to say I was devastated when my mom had to cut it out for me.  Wish she would have tried one of these ways to get it out instead! Full Story »

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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It’s that time of the year again!  Time to raise awareness for breast cancer. So many companies put out specialty products just for this occasion. It’s such a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Above I have showed only a few of the companies, including Hot Tools, O.P.I., Aquage, and Estee Lauder, but there are so many ways to support this cause.  In my salon, we offer pink hair extensions where we donate the procedes to breast cancer research. It’s ALWAYS a big hit! Every year I have to order more and more pink hair because I never seem to have enough. This year we will also be offering pink feathers since they seem to be all the rage these days. We would love to hear how other salons help raise awareness. Send us your comments and pictures!

The new Miss USA winner

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Last night in Las Vegas was the Miss USA Pageant and the winner was beautiful Olivia Culpo from the pint sized state of Rhode Island!

Fourth Runner-Up: Miss Georgia

Third Runner-Up: Miss Nevada

Second Runner-Up: Miss Ohio

First Runner-Up: Miss Maryland

Olivia will represent the United States at the 61st Miss Universe pageant. An American has not been named Miss Universe since Brook Lee won the title in 1997. Let’s go Rhode Island!!!


Or just get rid of them all together!

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Thank you to The Beauty and Makeup Blog for posting this helpful tip on how to get rid of those ugly acne scars. For more useful make-up tips, make sure to visit their site!

Contour and highlight

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What a great visual for everyone wondering the best place for contour and highlighting when doing their makeup.  Follow these guidelines and you just can’t go wrong!!

This look is all wrong for her

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I think we can all agree that Kelly Osbourne has come a long way as far as style is concerned.  Over the years she has been up and down with her weight, and has managed to maintain a very healthy looking figure as of now. She’s experimented with her hair numerous times and usually it’s fun and eccentric. This look however, not so much.  Between the cut/style and the gray coloring, it’s aging her. At 27, who tries to make themselves look like a granny?  Gray can be very trendy, but it has to be done right.  Maybe go with a streak of it in stead. When I saw her on ‘Fashion Police’, I just knew I had to write about it.  She’s a pretty girl, and usually  she makes the right choice when it comes to her hair, but this was a ‘no-no’!

On another note, Full Story »