Make-up tattoos are a bad idea!

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I have tattoo. I have cute little stars, and butterflies on varies parts of my body, but tattoos on my face? Noooooo thank you!  It’s just way too risky, and to be honest, it looks real fake to me too. There are days I don’t feel like wearing any make-up. I like the natural look sometimes. I donno, people have their own opinions about this but I think it’s scary and not worth it! I’m getting grossed out just looking at these photos (and I’m a special effects artist too! I don’t get grosed out easily!) I guess all I can say is…think really, really hard if you are considering getting tattooed lips, eye liner, or brows. Do your research so you don’t end up like these poor women!

Like tattooing ‘stupid’ across your forehead


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A while back I posted about tattoos on the face (mostly make-up tattoos) and how they are a bad idea!  This woman took it too a whole new level!

Performer Drake rhymes in one of his songs “Tat my name on you so I know it’s real.” Apparently someone took the lyric a little too litteral. A young woman from Los Angeles took it upon herself  to post pictures of the tattoo she had just gotten. Yup, that’s right!  ’DRAKE’ is now permanently written across this woman’s forehead!  Full Story »

I appreciate great art!

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When I saw this posted I knew I had to share! Thank you to Jewel Hair Design- Julie Flury for creating such beautiful art work!

….and so am I!

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This is a style blog, so of course I am excited for the new Spring collection called Be Discovered by Smashboxx! So here I am to give you an up close look at what you can expect. Is it weird of my favorite part is the packaging?!

The collection includes:

  • Smashbox Be Discovered Eye Shadow Palette, $44
  • Be Discovered Cream Cheek Trio in Show Biz (a raspberry, bubble gum and cool highlight), $29
  • Be Discovered Cream Cheek Trio in In Lights (a warm coral, sparkling rose and warm highlight), $29
  • Be Discovered Jet Set Eye Liner & Brush in Intrigue (a dark slate), $22
  • Be Discovered Jet Set Eye Liner & Brush in Idol (a deep brown), $22
  • Be Discovered Be Legendary Lipstick in Pink Petal (a hot pink), $19
  • Be Discovered Be Legendary Lipstick in Honey (a rosy nude), $19
  • Be Discovered Be Legendary Lipstick in Melondrama (a soft peach), $19

This girl can do it all!

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Beautiful and talented, this Super, Grammy winning, Diva has done it all! And now she comes out to say that she she even does her own make-up on tour! Carrie told “Glamour” for her lashes she can use up to 4 different mascaras! Some to lengthen and some to thicken. I was glad to see she uses a trick I have become very fond of as well….instead of eyeliner, she uses charcoal shadow. I’ve been doing this for years. Seems to have a softer look than a pencil. To hold all her make-up, Carrie carries (haha, get it?!) everything around in a MAC by Zuca Bag for $279.

Where did they come from?

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Wondering where those little baby hairs are coming from in the front of your head?  Most likely they are breakage do to too much use of the flat iron, or maybe from dying your hair too much.  Either way…it’s annoying, right?  You pull your hair back, and all these little pieces just stick out and don’t have a clear direction where to go.  If you are victim to this problem, try spraying a bit of hair spray on a tooth brush and comb them back.  Or you can even use a little lip gloss (clear, or course) to keep them in place. Lip gloss tends to be stickier than gel, and it doen’t try and lose it’s stick-factor…just don’t use too much.

To prevent new small hairs from becoming a problem, cut back on the flat iron a bit, or start using a heat protecting spray!

Contour and highlight

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What a great visual for everyone wondering the best place for contour and highlighting when doing their makeup.  Follow these guidelines and you just can’t go wrong!!