It’s Friday Everyone!!!!

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I feel like this was a very long week so I am very happy that is is Friday!  I get to pick up Fozzie today and take her back home, which makes it an even better Friday!!

Check out her nail polish collection

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With color names such as “Super Bass Shatter”, ”Fly”, “Metallic 4 Life”  and  “Pink Friday”, you just can’t go wrong.  These are the ultimate polishes for any huge Minaj fan! The polish line is due to come out in early January…that’s real soon people!!!

Now you too can have those awesome bubble gum pink nails just like her. I am quite excited for this as I am a big fan of Nicki and all she does.

Don’t these colors just scream Nicki Minaj?! The deep crackle one looks amazinnnng!  We let you know when they release them on our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to “like” and “follow” for all our updates!

It’s not what you think

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Isn’t this the truth?!  Yes, my friends do think I give out free haircuts to everyone.  Can’t make a living that way, can you?  My mother thinks I sit ho,e all day playing dress up.  Though that would be fun, it still doesn’t make me any money.


Society thinks hair dressers are a joke and beauty school is a breeze.  Let me tell you this, I had to study my ass off to pass my tests.  Chemistry was never a great subject for me in high school.  Little did I know, I was going to have to learn some in school.   My clients think I work miracles.  They think I can transform them to look just like the celebrity picture they show me lol.


I’ve always compared what I do to construction.  Spacel the wrinkles, paint the hair…it’s all similar, no?  A contractor can make a house look younger, and I can do the same with hair and makeup!  But in all seriousness, that last photo is so true.  I work on the same clients almost monthly and they always sit in my chair and ask for the same thing “Just trim it”. And yes, sometimes they DO fall asleep in my chair! haha


Beautiful new red helmet to fight the signs of aging while you sleep

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DailyMail brought a few good laughs to my face this morning when I read about this new red headgear/facemask thing that they found out of Japan called the PinUp! mask.   It looks like something little kids wear when they do karate and stuff- how is this supposed to prevent the signs of aging!?


The site claims directs the user to bind the accessory tight around their head before relaxing for a good nights sleep, and the mask will do its part to reduce sagging and firm up your complexion.  Hmmmmm I’m not buying it Japan, sorry.  Its one of those products that they’ll probably make millions on anyway, but I don’t think there is any way it could bring any improvement to your skin.



It reminds me of one of these! haha Of course I wasn’t alive when these things came out, but I’ve seen them on tv a bunch of times-  clearly no way it could ever work your butt out, but apparently women were all over it back then!

Turn up the heat


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Did you know that cold showers are good for your hair and skin? Yeah…tell that to my body now that it’s 30 degrees here in NY!! They say that you should always end your showers with a shot of cold water. It will help both your hair and skin by closing up your pores. Since the warm water opens them up, its good to close them when you are done washing to prevent bad bacteria from getting back in. For your face, it will also help prevent dark circles as it makes your blood vessels constrict. About a year ago the hot water in my bathroom sink stopped working so I became accustomed to washing my face each morning with cold water. It was hard to get used to at first….especially in the winter. But now that my hot water is back, I still don’t use it. My face has never felt better since I stopped washing it every morning and night with hot water. It’s also a refreshing way to wake yourself up in the morning :)

She’s making a speedy recovery!

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We have been following this story (“Tragedy Hits…”, “Update…”, Newest Update…”) as closely as we can and we thought this would be the perfect time for an update. Upon leaving the hospital on Tuesday, the first photographs of Lauren Scruggs have been taken. The December 3rd accident left Scruggs without a left hand and without her left eye after accidentally walking into a plane propeller. She had made remarkable improvements and seems to be in high spirits despite all she has been through.  She even made this comment on her blog LOLO a few days ago:


“i don’t know how to thank each one of you, properly, for so much love during this difficult incident in my life. my heart is so grateful beyond what i could ever imagine. so thank you dearly for the sweet encouragements, the precious words in letters and messages, the beautiful grace in pretty presents, but mostly i am so SO thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits. i wonderfully know that we are all so adored by the amazing and powerful Lord, and nothing is greater than walking in His planned-out lives. Jesus Christ is imaginably glorious and worthy of all praise even in the hardest moments. love, lo”

We keep our prayers going for this young woman!




Just bend and snap…very Legally Blonde!

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Scunci’s Bendini has been around for at least a year now.  You can get all kinds of clips in different colors and shapes.  It was about time they came out with a floral collection!  So many brides are using flower accents in either their hair, or for their bridal party.  These are a great accent to any hair.

They also have great lasting power.  The way the go in leaves them very secure. You won’t have to add bobby pins to them.  Basically you stick the comb in, best the flower forward and snap it into place!  The bend and snap!! haha


Wear one in place of a head band when you decide to wear your hair down, or make your ponytail more elegant by snapping on of the top of it.  There are so many options!  I say, buy them all!! ;)