Photoshop taken too far

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Proctor & Gamble have pulled this mascara ad featuring Taylor Swift after reports of the photoshop done to lashes being too excessive. I mean when an ad for mascara has to contain, in small print ‘lashes enhanced in post production’, are you really advertising the product in the right way anymore?  How far is too far?

Isn’t it enough to know that Taylor Swift ‘uses’ this mascara brand? I mean that right there will grab peoples attention. Girls all over the place are going to want to buy the product just because they can associate her with it.  Is it really necessary to go above and beyond with the computer after the photo shoot and extend them so much that the ad winds up getting pulled?


Stay tuned, cause our next article will further the “photoshop” conversation!

9 year old girl donates 17″ of her hair to Cancer charity

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Nine year old Xanthe Coote, from Portsmouth, Hants(located in England) got her first ever haircut recently,  chopping off her 17″ pony tail and donating it to The Little Princess Trust, a company that provides real-hair wigs to boys and girls who have lost their hair in the battle against cancer. The Little Princess Trust travels all across the United Kingdom and Ireland providing children with wigs.



The nine year old student, who has never even had her hair trimmed, came home from school one day and told her mother that she wanted to donate her hair, saying ‘I wanted to donate my hair because one of my friends got cancer and had all her hair taken off.  She explained to me what it felt like, and I decided to help all the other children who might be going through the same thing’



She says it feels different having much less hair, and her mother couldn’t be more proud of her.   Xanthe plans to start the process all over again, growing her hair out until its ready for another lengthy donation.      Stories like these truly make me melt-  there is nothing better than a child making such a bold move at a time in her life when most kids wouldn’t even think about doing something like this.


Cancer is a terrible disease, one that the world continues fighting its ongoing battle against everyday, and stories like this one remind you just how important it is to portray the message to our youth about how debilitating the disease can be.

Patricia Krentcil is banned from several NJ Tanning Salons

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TMZ has this as an exclusive on their homepage, so I’m literally not doing much here.  Took the pics they used too cause I thought the ‘BANNED’ sign over her face was quite amusing.   According to TMZs sources, crazy tanning mom Patricia Krentcil (who has been in the news entirely too much recently might I add) has reportedly been locked out of  several tanning salons surrounding her NJ home.



The stores have posted this picture behind their registers so employees remember to refuse her service if she comes in.   Yeah, thank god for that sign, otherwise I’m sure the people working at the front desk would have never recognized this hot mess of shoe leather walk in the door haha.


Am I wrong?  This womans face has been plastered all over the news, and she is unmistakably tan-  if an employee at one of these salons couldn’t recognize her then I think there are bigger issues in their life than letting some woman OD on sun.

And FYI, I won’t be reporting every move this woman makes, but it is my job to keep you guys up to date on what’s happening in the Beauty World, and well,   professional tanning extraordinaire Patricia Krentcil is beautiful-ish-related-sortof-but-not-really.

I’m definitely not laughing!

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Why someone would think it is okay to post a video like this is beyond me! I clicked on it because I thought it was going to be someones story on surgery they have had, unfortunately all it was, was a girl making fun of people by trying to make it look like she needs surgery. I do not find this funny at all :(

Congrats to my cousin

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Tomorrow my beautiful cousin will marry a wonderful man!  I am so super excited for the both of them. I feel like it was just a few days ago that they got engaged….and here we are, already at the day of the wedding!


I am even more excited that they asked me and my brother to sing at the ceremony.   It is such an honor to do this for them on such an important time in their lives.

I got my nails done today to match my dress. It’s so summery….I love it!!!

Of course there will be pictures to be posted after this weekend, but I just couldn’t leave off without talking about how extremely excited I am!

I’m in looooove

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Yup, I am in love with this updo!  This confirms that I will most definitely begin the slow process of dying my hair blonde so it looks amazing in an updo for my wedding in 2014!

It’s the “in” thing


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This is a style that works for all hair lengths. The hardest thing about it is trying to decide which side you want to wear it! A good idea is to part it so that most of the hair goes in the direction of the shoulder you want it to sit upon. Use a curling iron that works with the length of the hair. Then tease the top a bit if you feel it is sitting too flat. It’s important to take in consideration the wardrobe when wearing this style. If you, or your client is wearing a one shoulder dress, make sure to swoop the hair on the naked shoulder.