Props to a great nail blog!


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This is the nail blog, to end all nail blogs.  You want to see crazy, awesome, silly designs on a regular basis?  Then this is your stop!  The woman running The Daily Nail first began by attempting to post new nail designs on a daily basis for 365 days straight.  She accomplished her goal back in 2010, but continues to run her site pretty regularly. She is a true artist if you ask me. Each of her designs are hand painted by herself. She gets inspired by all that is around her…flowers, pocketbook designs, movies…ect.  The first picture posted here is her Halloween zombie nails!  Ummm…how could I not love this girl after seeing that?  She’s also got a great personality which makes for reading the blog much more interesting.  Check her out, and become a follower!  I’ve already liked her FB page ;)

Where did they come from?

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Wondering where those little baby hairs are coming from in the front of your head?  Most likely they are breakage do to too much use of the flat iron, or maybe from dying your hair too much.  Either way…it’s annoying, right?  You pull your hair back, and all these little pieces just stick out and don’t have a clear direction where to go.  If you are victim to this problem, try spraying a bit of hair spray on a tooth brush and comb them back.  Or you can even use a little lip gloss (clear, or course) to keep them in place. Lip gloss tends to be stickier than gel, and it doen’t try and lose it’s stick-factor…just don’t use too much.

To prevent new small hairs from becoming a problem, cut back on the flat iron a bit, or start using a heat protecting spray!

And the winner is…


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Last night was Country’s 45th annual award ceremony. So I thought I should discuss how all the stars looked.  Some looked awesome, as usual…and others looked like a hot mess.  All of this is to be expected when dealing with celebrities though. Full Story »

For our fine feathered friends

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The sale began at midnight and will go until Friday (unless they sell out!) Feather Locks by Condition Culture  is holding a liquidation sale on all of their items in the old packaging. If you spend $500 you receive 20% off and if you spend $1000 you will receive 40% off. Feather Locks is one of the biggest companies for the purchasing of feathers for our hair. They even sell Puppy Locks….yup, feathers for our pups!  Sorry to all my non-hair stylist fans, but this site is only for those with a cosmetology license!  Check them out quick if you can…they usually sell out fast! Use the code FEATHER20 or FEATHER40.

Just take a wild guess…

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In 1955 she was 9 years old and grew up with 11 brothers and sisters in Tennessee. Now at 65, the “blonde haired” beauty has sold over 100 million records and charted 25 number- one hits! She even opened up her own theme park!  Think you know who it is??  Click below to see if you are right and see how this international star has aged over her 4 decade career!

Full Story »

And not look like a kindergardener

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I can remember being a kid and having headbands to match every outfit I wore. As I got older, I out grew them.  But I have recently learned that it is okay to still wear them.  You just have to wear them right and find the right ones for you.  The last thing you want to look like is a 5 year old kid again.  So here are some ways to wear those cute, fashionable headbands and still look like a mature adult!

Make a bold statement with an oversized floral piece, or feathers.  And place the band around the forehead instead of around your crown.

Make a messy bun and dress it up with some head gear! This can turn that messy bun into a sheik updo.

I love the double headband look. Place them close together, or far apart.  You’ll get a different look each time!

I love how Reese pulls together this volumized look with a simple black band.

Or just go headband crazy!! Can’t decide which one to wear?  Wear them all!!  This will really make a statement!!

A new look for a new year!

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Nothing like ringing in the new year with a fresh new look!  Kim Kardashian tweeted on Saturday “I wanna new hairstyle for tonight! Should I do bangs?” With many fans answering ‘yes’, I guess she took the plunge!  New Year’s Eve she showed up at the Tao in The Venetian in Las Vegas with a whole new look! Hold up though….rumor has it they are just clip in’s!

In my opinion, this girl can pull off anything!  I do think this look makes her appear more sexy and sultry…which certainly isn’t a bad thing! I was happy to see her change things up as I get a little tired of seeing her with long wavy hair all the time.