Best time of year for TV

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Tuesday marked the premier of the new season of Face Off.  Did I get to watch it yet? Nope!  It’s killing me that I don’t have time for my own life these days but once my fiance and I get settled into our own house things will be much more calm and simpler.


Face Off is the ultimate special effects makeup show ever.  They cover everything from body painting, prosthetic work, blood guts and gore, and all that awesomely fun stuff!  It’s really hard not to love it.  Even if you don’t have a love for makeup or design it is still really cool to watch how these artist use their skills to create such amazing characters.  The winner gets a car, $100,000 and I think a bunch of makeup as well.  It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  Not to mention the exposure you get!

Tune in on Tuesday at 9pm on the SyFy channel to see how fantastic this show really is.  I hope I get to sit down tonight to catch up!!

Her own line of lashes!

Keyword: Katy Perry, false lashes, Ulta, Eylure

I’m surprised it took this long for her to do this! Katy Perry will be releasing her very own line of false lashes some time in February. After wearing Eylure lashes through her whole tour she decided they were the best choice for her. You can tell she was very hands on with the development as the packaging is a ’40′s style theme….so Katy Perry!


There are four varieties to choose from: “Sweetie Pie” which are natural-like lashes, “Oh, Honey”- a richer, thicker set for a night out, “Cool Kitty” a cute shorter set for your day time outings, and “Oh My” which kind of explains itself ;)


Ulta will be carrying the line for only $6.99. I just might have to get them all!


Now the real question is: When is she going to come out with her own color line?!

Taylor Halls scar is amaaaaaazing!

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WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I don’t follow hockey, but I read all the sites in our network to stay up to speed on everything-  my fiance plays hockey and I love watching him, but I get bored watching it on TV.  If it’s not live, I can’t watch it.


wePUCKny  reported on this yesterday, and followed it up with another article about it today-   talk about bad luck huh?  Poor guy was just skating around loosening up before the game and before the puck even drops he’s got this thing on his face!

I do alot of prosthetic work(I loooooove prosthetic work) and alot of times people get freaked out at how realistic some of the stuff looks.   Unfortunately for NHL star Taylor Hall,  this isn’t coming off with the usual go-to “isopropyl myristate and a cotton swab” approach that’s for sure :(

Get Well Soon Tyler!

It’s almost too easy!

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Half moon manicures are all the rage these days.  But just like the french manicure, it is hard to perfect your lines.  It is one thing to make a straight line perfect, but to make a perfect half-moon curve…almost impossible!


We all know the trick of using scotch tape when creating the perfect french line, but what about the half moon?  How do you get it perfect?



TADA!!!!! Yup, those are hole reinforcements you used to use to keep your papers from ripping out of your binders back in school!  It’s the same concept as the scotch tape, but it’s already curved!  First paint your base coat. This will be the color at the top of your nail (closest to your cuticle) . Wait for it to dry completely, place the reinforcements on the nail, and paint your bottom color.  Gently peel the reinforcements off and use a top coat to lock in your polish!



It’s THAT easy!!


Now go run to CVS, pick up your reinforcements and get painting! ;)


Sammi Sweetheart make-up

Keyword: sammi sweetheart, jersey shore, reunion, mtv

Jersey Shore ended another season last week and tonight will be the Reunion show on MTV.  So in honor of that I decided to post this video on how to gt your makeup to look like Sammi.  I was tired of all the usual Snooki look-a-likes.  Sammi probably wears the least amount of make-up out of all the girls on the show…and I say that very loosely lol.  This girl gives a great tutorial for all you Sweetheart fans out there!


 Darth inspired


Keyword: Darth vader, hairdryer



Luke, I am your faaaaather!  Sorry, got a little carried away. Truth is, I am not a Star Wars fan in the least bit. Haven’t even seen any of the movies, nor do I care to. but this blow dryer certain caught my eye! Sorry Star Wars fans, but this dryer is actually only a concept and not actually for sale anywhere. Is a lightsaber curling iron next on the list?

It’s not just about black anymore

Keyword: smokey eye, eye shadow, make-up


A smokey eye is probably the most well known make-up look. It has been around forever and always seems to have a place on red carpets. I can’t tell you how many make-up clients sit in my chair and ask for a smokey eye. The truth is, smokey eyes have evolved.  It’s not just about grey and black any more!  DOn’t be afraid to add some color to your look!


Here we have a gorgeous blue smokey eye.  All that needs to change is the base color.  You still use the blacks and grays to “smoke” out the edges. Check out Eva Longoria rockin’ this look.  It’s stunning!!

Kim Kardashian likes to show off her green smokey eyes.  This one is like a forest green. I just love it!  You can also try an emerald green for a more jewel toned look.

If you are a girly girl, like me then you are going to want to try either a pink or a purple. I love how in this pink one the “smoke” is set just inside the pink perimeter! And the iridescenty  purple they used is killer!


I hope I inspired you to add a little color to your smokey eye combinations.  The options are limited!!  Make sure to send us pictures of your best work!