He’ll be here in 2 days!

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Do you STILL not have a gift for everyone yet?!  What is taking you so long? Santa has already checked his list….twice…and here you are stumped for gifts! Well, I am here to hopefully help you out!

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But this is a hair & make-up site!

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What? This isn’t weFASHIONny.com?   Oops!! Oh well…I just HAD to share these with you!  Me neighbor saw them at a craft fair and shared it with me and my mom.  The next day I began making my own!

This is a placemat! Follow these instructions and you can make it into a bag just like I did!

Start by sewing three sides down. You can sew them as close to the center or as far to the edge as you want, just make sure they are even with  each other.

Then fold it up towards the side you have not sewn down. Sew the sides together.

Add a snap to hold it closed.

Decorate as you wish.  You can use flowers, beads, glitter, feathers….you name it!

On these I used necklaces, and used them to make straps.  But you can go strapless if you wish!  They are super cute, and easy.  You can have one for every outfit! Best part is that no one else will have it!  I am working on a Fourth Of July one right now!

We want your ideas


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Have an idea for an article? We want your help!  Whether you are a stylist of any sort, a make-up lover, or just love reading about the newest hair trends…we want to hear from you.  If there’s a product you want us to try, or one that you love or hate, let us know. If you would like us to feature your NY salon, send us an email on why it’s so special. Would you like to hear more about celebrity trends, nail decor, new hair products…don’t be shy!  Or maybe there’s a special stylist in your life that is just simply amazing and you think she/he deserves an article dedicated to them…CONTACT US!  We want to hear alllllll about it!  Help us make this website even better!

I can’t live without this stuff


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As far as summer hair goes….this is my absolute faaaaavorite product. It pretty much gives you that perfect beach hair feeling. It’s great for those hot sticky summer days where blowing your hair out seems like the impossible. There are several products out there just like this but it is my opinion to name this one the best! Feel free to send us your own favorites though.  You know that saying “less is more”? Well, I feel just the opposite about the sea salt spray. I say, spray away my friend!! Thank you to our friends at www.aquage.com for developing such a great product. Check out their site for some of their other wonderful items like their finishing spray or their awesome color protecting shampoo!



Set Up Your Trial

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Wedding season has begun and if you are like thousands of other girls out there then you are planning and stressing as I type! Here are some tips on booking your hairstylist:


- Begin searching out a stylist about 8-12 months before the wedding. Do not try booking more than a year out.  Most stylists won’t do this. I know for me, my book doesn’t go further than a year and I can’t think more than a year ahead!

- If you already know you are 100% going with a certain stylist then you don’t have to book your trial til about 2-3 months before the wedding. If you do it earlier then you might forget what it looks like, or you could change your mind too many times and end up having more than one trial and spending way too much money

-If you are not sure which stylist you want to go with, book appointments with each of them right away. Maybe have them do your hair for a night out. Choose the stylist that not only does the best job with your hair, but also has the best personality to fit your needs.  You don’t want to clash with your stylist.  This will just add more stress

-When you go for your trial, try to book your dress fitting for the same day.  This way you can view the hair with the dress!

- Bring more than one picture!  Don’t just fall in love with one “updo” You might be very disappointed when the stylist tells you your hair is too short, long, thick, course, thin…etc to handle the style. A good stylist will be able to look at several of your favorite hair pictures and take pieces of each to create the best style for you!


So those are some tips that I hope will help with planning out your wedding hair!  Still don’t have a stylist? Why not let me do your hair!? Visit my site at www.JillianKristine.com

Thumbs up, or down?

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Celebrities, make-up artists, and models have been trying hard for some time now to bring this two toned look into play.  But, is it really practical? While it looks really cool and trendy, isn’t it nearly impossible to not mix the colors together accidentally? It would take everything in me not to press my lips together. I don’t know…I just don’t think it’s a look that will ever actually take off any further than the runway.

Happy Birthday

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The Art of Makeup apparently celebrated her birthday. Here is the cake she posted on her FB yesterday.  How cool!! Someone make a cake like this for meeeee!! Yum!!