The cat eye is back!


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I find the best way to get this look is by using a gel liner, but to each his own right? Any way you do it, its going to look sexy. You can make it as bold or as delicate as you want.  Some artists call  a smaller version of this the kitten eye. To stay away from the Amy Winehouse  version (rest her soul), its best to not let the liner go passed the outside of your brow line. What I love so much about this liner look is that sometimes its all you need….a little liner, some mascara and you are ready to hit the town purring! Meeeoooww!

Pretty summer nails

Keyword: plaid nails, gingam nails

Fell  upon these on the internet (you really can find anything on here!) Don’t they just make you want to have a picnic…minus the ants, of course!


They are easy enough to recreate.  Just paint your nails white, then do stripes up and down and side to side….end with a top coat!  The hardest part is keeping your hand steady.

Tiquan Underwood is that’s for sure

Keywords: superbowl, nfl, superbowl haircut

Tiquan Underwood of the New England Patriots tweeted this pic of his new Superbowl haircut-  Kudos to the Barber for his creativity and talent!  That takes a steady hand, a good eye, and a confident client haha.     And as a little cherry on top, here are a couple pics of his regular everyday haircut-   what a character :)

Tiquan Underwood is a 24 year old Wide Receiver for the Patriots, who are set to square off against our hometown New York Giants this Sunday-   While my fiance couldn’t pull this look off,  I’d say Tiquan is killing the High-Fade look better than I’d expect anyone in 2012 to.

Where do they go?

Keyword: bobby pins, hair clips

If you’re a hair dresser then there is no doubt in my mind that there are bobby pins all over your house. Right now, as I sit here and write this article I can count three on the floor, four on my desk, and I bet if I unmade my bed and pulled the sheets all the way down, I could collect at least five!  But here’s the catch…I don’t need one right now. Today my hair is pulled into a simple pony (the rain/thunder today is insane BTW). I have no loose hairs that needed to be pinned back. This is why I am able to count so many random bobby pins laying around my room.


If today was a day that I needed just one bobby pin for my hair…all the ones I just counted would suddenly disappear. Now, if you are a hair dresser I can almost guarantee you are laughing right now because you know it’s true! As soon as you need one they are nowhere to be found!  Where do they go?!! I feel like I want to go inside, change my hair into a do that I would need one, and come back into my room to see if I could still find the ones that were just on my desk and floor.  Chances are, they would be gone by the time I stepped foot back into my room.  They either get up at walk away, or there is a bobby pin fairy that rescues them…it’s strange, but it never fails!

Sexy charity shoot!

Keyword: naked, hair dressers, hairstylists, charity, photoshoot

Who would have thought that getting naked to raise money for a local church would be acceptable! I guess this is 2012…anything is possible this day and age!

These gorgeous ladies posed nude for a calendar to raise money for a local church in New Hampshire. Now if only they actually cut hair like this! Imagine the business they would do?  Mostly all male, but their tips would be pretty amazing!  Hmmm….maybe I’m on to something here ;)


They are too cute

Keyword: easter nails, nail art, easter eggs, pastel colors, bunny

So I have already shown you some Easter hair, but how about nails to match? Again, there are so many different directions you can go here. You can keep it simple with just straight up pastel nails, or paint them like colorful easter eggs. Or maybe you want the easter bunny himself to stand out on your nails.  You can even go with cute little chickies!


There is so much creative freedom here and they are all so fabulous…how do you choose?!  Here are some great nail art ideas!

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Farewell to this season of TTO

Keyword: tabatha, tabatha takes over, farewell, season finale

The season of Tabatha Takes Over is now over and we are all so sad.  I mean, who doesn’t love to watch Tabatha and her tough love attitude help businesses stay afloat? Aside from being a great stylist, she is a great entrepreneur and a really wonderful mentor and role model for all!  And what is most important, she is so down to earth.  Every week she sits online to answer questions and tweets with her fans in what she calls “date night”  She truly is an amazing woman. I mean, how many celebs out there would post a video of them in their pjs, sitting in bed…thanking their fans for everything? (PS- her hair even looks good in bed!)

Tabatha, we will miss our date nights.  Thank your for all the inspiration you have given to all of us, and congrats on all your success.