I’m definitely not laughing!

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Why someone would think it is okay to post a video like this is beyond me! I clicked on it because I thought it was going to be someones story on surgery they have had, unfortunately all it was, was a girl making fun of people by trying to make it look like she needs surgery. I do not find this funny at all :(

Great for the summer!

Keyword: beach waves, beach hair, wavy hair

Beach waved hair is a look that will never go out of style.  Where did the name come from? Simple, you know when you go to the beach and take that nice cool dip in the ocean? Then you let your hair dry while you sit in the sun? The salt from the water, mixed with the not combing of your hair, mixed with sand, all create texture which causes you to amazing hair!  Duplicating it at home can be really fun and very easy.

Find yourself a salt spray. My favorite is Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. Spray this while hair is still wet.  Use as much as you want! Either let it air dry or help it with a blow dryer and keep scrunching it up. It’s as simple as that!!!

Strawberry nails

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With Spring time here I thought I would post a fun nail design to try on your own.  Who doesn’t like strawberries?  There are actually tons of videos on this to choose from.  I tried to choose one that wasn’t too long. They all have the same basic idea, just using different variations of the colors.



Very cool ideas, I love seeing all the amazingly talented artists out there-  I don’t think there is anything in this world a makeup artist can’t fake! (where is the wink button on this keyboard? haha)


It’s the “in” thing


Keyword: one shoulder, waves

This is a style that works for all hair lengths. The hardest thing about it is trying to decide which side you want to wear it! A good idea is to part it so that most of the hair goes in the direction of the shoulder you want it to sit upon. Use a curling iron that works with the length of the hair. Then tease the top a bit if you feel it is sitting too flat. It’s important to take in consideration the wardrobe when wearing this style. If you, or your client is wearing a one shoulder dress, make sure to swoop the hair on the naked shoulder.

A look back on the ladies of Wisteria Lane

Keyword: desperate housewives, series finale, wisteria lane, eva longoria

The ladies of Wisteria Lane spent 8 years with us and this Sunday we all said “goodbye”. Since the show was such a big part of my TV schedule, I thought I would honor them by showing off how each of them has changed through the years. Not only have we watched them change husbands, have kids, switch jobs…etc, but we have also gotten to see their looks change with every season.  Take a look how each one of these beautiful ladies has gracefully aged right in front of the camera! Full Story »

And it’s such a catchy song, too.

Keyword: Sesame Street, I love my hair, song, puppets


Though it seems that Sesame Street is mainly gearing this song towards black woman with tight curls, I think it can send a good message to everyone!  Whether your hair is straight, curly, fine, coarse, kinky, thick, thin, short, long, wavy, red, purple, black, blonde….etc…you should all love your hair!  Everyones hair is unique in their own way and you should learn to embrace it. Props to Sesame Street for teaching little ones to accept themselves at a young age!


Now if only I could get this darn song out of my head!

…on your nail?!

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First off, let me apologize for no posts yesterday.  If planning an engagement party is any sign of what planning a wedding is going to be like…I’m in trouble! haha.


Secondly, EEEWWWWWW!  Okay, actually I don’t really mean “eeewww” cause I rather like these! haha. Listen, don’t judge me! I get a kick out of gross things.  It’s part of my charm….or at least that’s what I tell myself ;)  I have posted pictures from the Daily Nail before, and I couldn’t resist this one when it popped up on my screen. I mean, come on…how badly do you just want to squeeze one just to see what comes out?! Haha Okay, okay THAT was gross. But boy, did she do a great job at making it look like her nails caught some kind of awful acne disease.


Thank you Daily Nail for always sharing such beautiful nail art!