An all natural look

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A group in Georgia plans to give out Barbie dolls this Christmas, but it’s not about the gift.  Their plan is to help young girls to feel more self-acceptance and self esteem. Candace McBride is a member of the African-American natural-hair group and will be coordinating the giveaway. She claims that it is hard to find dolls that are natural looking (it’s so very true, and so very sad). Online she found out how to take a Barbie doll and give her natural looking curls by using boiling water and pipe cleaners. ”We wanted to show the girls that basically, it’s OK the way God made you,” said member Jennifer Henderson. The message they are trying to give to young African-American girls, is to embrace their hair the way it is. Their goal is to make 40 dolls and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, think of the impact it will have on those 40 lucky little girls on Christmas morning.

Maybe they can only giveaway 39 and send the last one this way so I can add it to my Barbie collection? ;)

We think what this group is doing is wonderful. I embrace all hair types…long, short, thick, thin, orange, black, curly, straight. Everyone’s hair is beautiful in it’s own way!


I hope you enjoyed this Barbie filled day!  If you have any other cool Barbie style ideas, please don’t hesitate to send them our way!!



Remember these guys?

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Remember trolls?  They came with ever color hair you could imagine! Apparently this guy thought it was cool enough to get a tattoo of one and use his real arm hair….poor guy :-/

Do they really have more fun?

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So I am a day behind on this update. You might have already seen the photos, but Olivia Wilde has gone back to blonde. Yes, she has gone back to her roots! Sources say the change was for the film she is currently working on, “Rush”.


I don’t know about you, but I liked her with the darker tresses.  She looks a little too washed out with the blonde…if I am being honest.  Don’t get me wrong, she is still a beautiful woman.

What do you think?  Does she make a better blonde, or brunette?

If only I were 15 again…


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Seventeen magazine and CoverGirl are teaming up for this contest. They want to treat one lucky girl to $5000 to put towards their Quinceanera. Click here to enter the sweepstakes. You also have the chance to win $1500 towards gowns for you and your friends provided by Seventeen, a professional photographer and make-up artist courtesy of CoverGirl,  8 CoverGirl beauty baskets, and much more!  Boy, they aren’t holding back here, huh?!  Good luck to all who enter!

Nope, that’s not Kris Jenner…look again!

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Kim Kardashian tweeted some photos of herself while on a photo shoot the other day-

“Amazing shoot today for Vogue Italia! Thank you @Rushka_Bergman & @akafrancesco for your creative genius!!!”


No, she did not cut her hair.  It’s a wig.  But boy did she fool some of the paparazzi. She looks just like her mother!


The resemblance is amazing. I am not gonna lie…I think Kim could totally pull off a cut like this, but I don’t think she is brave enough to actually go through with it!


I wonder what Kanye would say if she chopped off her locks…hmmmmm.  What do you think?

It’s not just for your hair

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We have discussed the ombre hair trend several times, but it doesn’t have to stop there!  Ombre nails are making their way in…so move over! There are two different ways to sport ombre nails.  You can start with your pinky nail being the darkest and move to lighter shades for each nail until you get the the thumb.


Or you can bleed each nail out from light to dark.  Whichever way you decide to rock the ombre, I am sure it will look fabulous!  The fading technique is a little harder to master. You want to start with painting your nail the lighter color.  Then while still wet, paint the tips a darker shade…then use clear base to bleed them together. The whole trick is to do everything while the colors are still wet!

Yes please!!


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While browsing the internet for some new interesting articles to post on the site, I stumbled upon this clever accessory. What stylist would not want to sport one of these around their wrist? Made from recycled scissor handles, it is bendable to fit around any wrist. Don’t settle for the cheap knockoffs though! Visit and get your very own today. The holidays are coming before you know it! Put it on your Christmas list (that was a hint to the fiance. Now if I don’t get one, I know he doesn’t really read the blog when he says he does!)