I’m definitely not laughing!

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Why someone would think it is okay to post a video like this is beyond me! I clicked on it because I thought it was going to be someones story on surgery they have had, unfortunately all it was, was a girl making fun of people by trying to make it look like she needs surgery. I do not find this funny at all :(

Inspired by the upcoming movie

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With ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ coming to theatres near you this summer, I am excited to announce that there is a make-up palette to come along too! Diego Dalla Palma is the official cosmetic parter of the movie and they have put together the perfect Snow White makeup!   It includes six eye shades (three shimmer and three matte).


The names of the shadows, you ask?  Well they are cleverly named appropriately with Snow, Mirror Mirror, Shield, Destiny, Battleground, and Fairest. This palette would not be complete without The Wicked Queen Lipstick (the perfect shade of apple!) and the Dark Night eye pencil. I believe you should be able to get it right on DDP’s site. I haven’t heard which stores will be carrying it just yet!


Check out the trailer to Snow White & the Huntsman here-


Looking forward to both the palette and the movie!!!


Awesome product alert!!


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Whoa Gweneth! A little shiny there, aren’t we?  Just because its the time of year where everything should be sparkling with lights, does not mean your face should match the shine of the Christmas tree!  Temptu has a product that will help you stay shine free all day! Even if you’re running around shopping, wrapping, cooking…etc. this product was built to last even when your energy might not!

Temptu’s Base smooth & matte primer goes on under your make-up. You simply apply it to your problem areas and that’s it!! It’s THAT simple! Let’s face it, the summer isn’t the only time we have to fight this problem.  Shine can kick in at any time, any season, and any time of the day. So be prepared! Any why not be a good friend and add it to a few stockings this holiday season ;)

Happy Birthday

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The Art of Makeup apparently celebrated her birthday. Here is the cake she posted on her FB yesterday.  How cool!! Someone make a cake like this for meeeee!! Yum!!

What does that even mean?

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Protect your hair from summer?? Does that even make sense?  Well I guess what I really mean is that it is important to protect your hair from all the elements that come along with Summer Time!!  What does that include?


Chlorine!!!!  It’s awful for your hair! If you are planning to go swimming it’s best to pre-wet your hair and put in a leave in conditioner before dunking into the chlorinated water.  Also, as soon as you get out, make sure to rinse your hair right away…hose water is fine if you aren’t planning on jumping in the shower right away.  If you swim a lot during the summer and start to notice a build up of pool water, invest in some clarifying shampoo and use it once or twice every two weeks (less if you have color treated hair).

Chlorine is not the only damaging element on your hair in the summer.  Let’s not forget about the sun!  The easiest way to protect from too many rays hitting your fragile hair is to wear a hat.  But if you are like me, you hate hates and just can’t seem to find any that look right on you.  So then what?  Sun screen!!!  Yes, they sell sun screen specifically for your hair…so go get some and take of your hair this summer!! Try Redken’s Color Extend Sun.  Not only will it protect from the sun but it will help keep your color in too!

Brighten up your day

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Okay, the weather this week on Long Island was kind of gloomy, muggy and ‘cold’ for June.  So I thought I would brighten things up with this beautiful summery photo! Here’s hoping the weekend has better weather!!

A 3 year olds tutorial

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I think some ladies out there could learn a thing or two from this little girl.  I was shocked to read she is only 3 years old. I loved her eye shadow technique!  What a cutie!