My Favorite Lotion

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I was first given this product by a Doctor who I had seen when my face started to break out with “hormonal acne”  It’s fun to have this problem in your late 20′s after going through your teen years with perfect skin! *rolls eyes*  Needless to say, I have it under control now.  The Doctor handed me CeraVe PM facial lotion and told me to use it twice a day (morning & night).  On top of making sure I was using the right facial wash, my problems were gone.


Well, I eventually ran out of all the free samples he had given me of the lotion and decided to pick some up at CVS.  They didn’t have the PM one in stock.  So I figured I would get the AM one…biiiiiig mistake.  My face started getting bad again!  Recently switched back to the PM version and I’m back in business.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes.  Who would have thought that the AM one would be too harsh for my face.


Moral of the store- It’s okay to use nighttime face lotions during the day!  Just keep in mind they don’t have an SPF in them!

Makeup Tutorial gone bad

Keyword: makeup tutorial, fat cat, kitty


If you are getting to know me through my posts at all, you may have already learned that I am a cat lover. So I definitely couldn’t resist posting a video like this.  This poor girl was trying to film a makeup tutorial when her fat kitty, Isaac decided he was not getting enough attention. I love when he has his paws wrapped around the nail polish remover bottle. But nothing beats the end when he clearly doesn’t like his face blocked by her makeup.



And just because I can’t get enough of this little monster, here’s another one…



Can you believe how well trained he is?  I had a cat who could sit and shake hands.  She did it all the way up to age 17 when she started losing her hearing.


weSTYLEny sends lots of love to Isaac the ‘makeup hating kitty’!!

And not look like a kindergardener

Keyword: headband, kindergarden, flower, statement, head gear

I can remember being a kid and having headbands to match every outfit I wore. As I got older, I out grew them.  But I have recently learned that it is okay to still wear them.  You just have to wear them right and find the right ones for you.  The last thing you want to look like is a 5 year old kid again.  So here are some ways to wear those cute, fashionable headbands and still look like a mature adult!

Make a bold statement with an oversized floral piece, or feathers.  And place the band around the forehead instead of around your crown.

Make a messy bun and dress it up with some head gear! This can turn that messy bun into a sheik updo.

I love the double headband look. Place them close together, or far apart.  You’ll get a different look each time!

I love how Reese pulls together this volumized look with a simple black band.

Or just go headband crazy!! Can’t decide which one to wear?  Wear them all!!  This will really make a statement!!

This girl is good!

Keyword: trick, funny video, make-up 

Please excuse the language at the end. I couldn’t help but post this!  This takes me back to high school when all the popular girls looked like this! :)

Two-toned nails


Keyword: french manicure, two-toned, nails

I looooooove this look!  If you know me, you’ll know that I get my nails done every two weeks and I love to pick out fun, quirky colors and designs. It’s very rare for me to come home from my nail appointment with a simple french manicure. It’s just boring to me. My mom, however has had the same french manicure for years.  I don’t know how she does it to be honest!  Well, I am thrilled to find that this two-toned-ness was totally in! I’ve been doing stuff like this for years….maybe I started this trend?!! haha! You can mix and match any color any way you wish! There is no limit to what you can do here. Colors I have tried in the past: white nail with pink tip, dark forest green with black tip, tan/beige nail with white tip, blue sapphire nail with white tip…the list goes on. It’s even fun when you separate the two colors with a small strip of glitter!  So go out, get your nails manicured, and send us your photos!



Awful ‘how to’ video

Keyword: frizzy hair, leather jacket, how to, fail

Epic Fail #1- Tell us what products you are using, and learn how to pronounce the ingredients before sounding them out in fron of the camera

Epic Fail #2- Silicone products are not good for curly hair. They cause the curls to become brittle, and flat.

Epic Fail #3- Your model could not look less interested. She is completely bored and you can tell she does not want to be there!

Epic Fail #4- Who told you a leather jacket was a good idea to wear to make a video? *squeak, squeak, squeak* Definitely NOT cool!

Just tell them your thoughts

Keyword: Urban Decay, $500, win, sweepstakes

Urban Decay is holding a contest.  If you review their products you hav a chance to win $500.


Hmmm…what to review first?  Their primer potion? Their amazing glide on eye pencils? Excuse me, but I have $500 to go win! ;)  Good luck all!!