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The Infiniti by Conair was rated one of Good Housekeeping’s top 10 beauty products of 2010…and us at WeStyle have to agree!  This powerful ceramic iron will heat up in less than 30 seconds and reach up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. With its tourmaline ceramic technology, it provides more protection, reduces frizz, and helps eliminate static. And on top of all that mumbo-jumbo; it produces amazing curls!! Its only downfall is the risk of burning your fingers when trying to wrap the hair around the wand. I am completely guilty of this..however, I have burnt my fingers on regular curling irons as well. Please someone tell me I am not the only clumsy hair dresser out there!  So, without further ado…props to Conair on this great product.  Other companies have marketed their own versions of this so make sure to do your research when purchasing what works best for you!  Check out for info on the one we have pictured above.


In 10 make-up mistakes

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Welcome back to Monday!!!  This will for sure make you laugh and start your week off on a high note :)

I’ve seen all of these first hand, if you can believe it! haha My favorite was the caked on make-up girl.  So gross!!!

Thought we were due for this

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Time for some funny hair!  And where better to go to get a few laughs, then right here on your favorite blog site ;)  I’m a big fan of this guy here. Matching the tattoo to the hair…good job guy!



I’m hoping this guy was in the process of shaving his head and decided to snap this before finishing.

This is the BEST mohawk I have ever seen in my life, and this guy knows it too!  Look at that smile.



And for our last photo, it had to be the adorable little baby! Babies are cute, babies with funny hair are even cuter!

“I really love it”-make-up tutorial

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You can tell this little one has seen way too many make-up tutorials in her day lol.  What a cutie though.  How many times DOES she say “I really love it”?

Love it, love her…the end!

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Portia is sporting a cute, new bob these days!  How could you not love it?  She just looks good in anything.  I mean, she chopped off a good few inches!


I just love her and and her wife, Ellen Degeneres. And now they are both sporting short blonde dos. I guess it is true what they say, that if you are together long enough you start to look like each other!  Ooooh, that’s a scary thought.  I love my fiance, but I definitely don’t want to look like him ;)



Celebrity look-a-likes

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First I would like to wish every one back to work and welcome you all to 2012!!  I was sad to see ’11 go. It was such a wonderful year, but I am excited for all the things the new year is bringing! With that said:

I am convinced we all have a twin or two out there in the world.  With all the trillions of people on this earth, there are bound to be similarities amongst people.  In the past I have been told I look like Britney Spears, Ana Faris, and my favorite…Judy Garland!

My favorite thing to do though, is to find celebrities who look like other celerities! So without further adieu…

Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski. This has always been my favorite celebrity twin duo.  The look-a-like action is just crazy! Full Story »

Look Mom, I did my own makeup

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Looks like someone got into Mom’s makeup!  It seems she got everything almost in the right spot. Not sure about the purple eyebrows though lol