Poor Simon


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While The X Factor seems to be falling short of its expectations, can we talk about Simon’s hair? For a guy who is said to be worth $320 million why can’t the guy find a decent hair dresser?!  It’s never blended, always looks dry and course….and why so flat on top? Was he carrying books on his head?  I don’t get it!  Sorry Simon, but I give your hair the “X”!!

Glow-in-the-dark make-up


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Recently this trend has become much more popular and with Halloween around the corner I figured there is no better time than now to post about it.  Make-up Forever put out a translucent powder called Fluo Night that you can add to your make-up that will make it glow under a black light. The translucent color means that it won’t be seen under normal lighting, but once you hit that black light….bam!  More recently they have introduced colored Fluo in 8 different shades.  Now, my club days are over but it definitely looks like fun. I’m just wondering where I could go to show it off ;)

This is sure to bring a smile to your face

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Yes, now make sure you remember that the next time you go to get your hair cut ;)

A great answer to curing a bad day!  Trust me…try it!


Disney princess hair is perfect!  It never moves, and is never out of place.  Ariel spends her days swimming around in salt water and she can comb her hair with a fork without pulling out millions of knots.  This is so unrealistic haha


I feel like I want to put this on my driveway.  Just because I work from home doesn’t mean my driveway is open to my clients to park!  Oiy…crazy people lol


This makes me feel so important, doesn’t it?


Or just get rid of them all together!

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Thank you to The Beauty and Makeup Blog for posting this helpful tip on how to get rid of those ugly acne scars. For more useful make-up tips, make sure to visit their site!

Bad Hair Day

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A while back I wrote an article on what to do wit your hair if you are having a bad hair day.  One of the options I gave you was to wear a hat…well isn’t this the perfect hat to wear?!  Haha  Just had to share ;)

Or in this case, more  is waaaay too much!


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All of us at WeStyle are all for showing off our eccentric side but this is overkill. The leopard is cool, in fact I would totally rock that. But the pink, with the stripes, and the blue, and the black and white…I just don’t know where to look.  Seems that teens these days are trying way too hard to be different. What happened to trying to fit in?  I’ll admit, I had my crazy hair and make-up phase back in my teenage years. (I wore glitter in my hair as if I was some sort of fairy) I’d like to think I didn’t look this ridiculous though.



Could be a disaster if you do


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I am writing this because I recently had to renew my cosmetology license.  It is very very very veryyyyy important to not forget about taking care of this! What happens if you forget??  Well NY, you have to retake your entire test!  Yup!  That’s right!  That dreaded 4 hour practical you had to take when you graduated.  Imagine?  I’m getting anxiety even thinking about it!! I’m not even sure I remember half the stuff on the test to be honest.  So, make sure you get that $40 renewal fee in as soon as you get your reminder in the mail!!  DON’T FORGET!…I warned you!