Just in case you missed it yesterday!

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In case you missed yesterday, I thought I’d post it here for all to see. Tabatha Coffey touches upon products that will help with brittle hair, grey hair, and thinning hair.


My favorite part is when she explains how your hair changes as you get older.  So many of my clients will tell me they want their curly hair back like they had 10 years ago, or they miss how straight their hair used to be and how can get get it back that way.  The truth is, your hormones change…you hair changes. It’s as simple as that.  Just as your skin or your body changes, your hair will too. There is no way to fix this, or stop it.  You just have to learn how to manage it every time a change occurs!


Don’t forget that Tabatha’s new series ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ begins January 10th!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Well it’s the day before Christmas Eve, but this will be my last post until Monday. I wish for all my fans to have a wonderful holiday (no matter what you celebrate!). Take advantage of your time spent with loved ones and cherish the gifts you receive as I am sure they were given with love.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and this year will be even more special. This year I get to spend it along side my Fiance <3

I hope Santa leaves you all with something special under the tree!

Merry Christmas!




Props to a great nail blog!


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This is the nail blog, to end all nail blogs.  You want to see crazy, awesome, silly designs on a regular basis?  Then this is your stop!  The woman running The Daily Nail first began by attempting to post new nail designs on a daily basis for 365 days straight.  She accomplished her goal back in 2010, but continues to run her site pretty regularly. She is a true artist if you ask me. Each of her designs are hand painted by herself. She gets inspired by all that is around her…flowers, pocketbook designs, movies…ect.  The first picture posted here is her Halloween zombie nails!  Ummm…how could I not love this girl after seeing that?  She’s also got a great personality which makes for reading the blog much more interesting.  Check her out, and become a follower!  I’ve already liked her FB page ;)

The living sea!

Keyword: Face Off, SyFy, prosthetics, make- up, special effects

Last weeks episode of SYFY’s ‘Face-Off’ was probably one of the most interesting episodes between last season, and this season….and we are only on episode 2.  The contestants were given a challenge to bring sea creatures to life but the kick was that all make-up had to hold up underwater!  They were put into teams of two and got to work right away! Immediately drama beings, as expected of reality tv otherwise we wouldn’t watch it, would we?

While most of the creatures were pretty spectacular, there were two that just didn’t make the grade what-so-ever and in fact it was embarrassing to watch! Ian and RJ decided to create a shark and thought it would be funny to put him in a suit and call him a “lawyer”. As soon as they came up with the idea I knew it was a bad one.  They took the easy way out here.  Everyone else spent time on full body make-up and these guys dressed their model in a suit. For this concept to work, the make-up they DID do should have been absolutely amazing…and it wasn’t. Their biggest down fall = not sewing the clothing down.  As soon as their model jumped into the water, his whole jacket and shirt went up and covered his face, exposing his unmade-up body.  I was shaking my head the whole time watching this.

I had higher hopes for Jerry and Nix. One is known for his painting skills, the other had been doing FX make-up for like 40 years or so. When their turtle stepped out on stage I thought I was at an amusement park for kids. I could see children lining up to take pictures with the cool cartoon-like turtle!  This is NOT the way to impress the judges. It only got worse from there!  When he jumped into the water, he couldn’t seem to get his barrings and when he finally did, his shell almost completely came off.  It was such a disaster! In the end, this duo was rated the worst out of all of them…and with good reason!


I really hope to see more from these contestants. They have a lot to prove after this episode!

I’m not too sure about that…

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Eyebrows are very important and a lot of times people forget that part of your daily makeup routine should involve your eyebrows as well.  Not only should you maintain their shape, you should fill them in and help them to frame your face better.


However, I do not recommend using a liquid liner on your brows.  There are pencil liners that will last all day, or you can use powder like I do. Liquid liner can end up looking like you used a sharpie unless you practice insanely.  That is just my opinion.  If you think you can handle it, I urge you to give it a try!

Sadly I’ll be on a cruise..but maybe YOU can win!

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You can either be one of the 1500 people to win a free mascara, orrrrrrr win two tickets to be a guest at The 45th Grammy Awards! How much fun would that be?

CoverGirl is so wonderful, aren’t they? If you click here, you can enter to win their Lashblast 24 hour mascara. 1500 lucky people will win thise amazing mascara.  If that isn’t enough, you can also win Grammy tickets by telling them your greatest accomplishment of 2011. Hmmm…I wonder what mine would be? Maaaaaybe it would be getting engaged after an 8 year relationship?  That’s a pretty good accomplishment, no? Or maybe when I started working for this blog? Well, it doesn’t matter because I will be DVRing the Grammy’s and watching in when I get home. But maybe YOU will win!



Good luck to all who enter!! If you win, make sure you let everyone know you found out about it here ;)

I can’t live without this

Keyword: aquage, hydrating mist, conditioning

I’ve talked about Aquage products before (check out how to get beach waved hair here). I use their hair spray on a regular basis, as well as their shampoo and conditioner.  I get compliments as to how nice the products smell, as if I am the one who invented how they smell lol.

The Hydrating Mist is a great product to use in the summer time.  Why?  Well, in the summer your hair is exposed to elements that may tend to dry your hair out.  The sun alone can do damage, not to mention pool water! Also, people tend to like to go blonder in the summer time so their hair can sometimes become over processed from all the lightening.


The Hydrating Mist feels so refreshing when sprayed on your hair.  I tend to use it before blowing out, but you can use it after the blow out is finished too.  It leaves the hair feeling so natural and so healthy. I also love the design of the bottle. It makes it really easy to spray without over-using the product.